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    Where are they now?

    Where is everyone now?

    A long time has pasted and I've lost touch with alot of people I used to talk to everyday. Where is everyone now in your life? Married? Kids?

    I'm 27 now, married for almost 3 years now to my long time girlfriend. I finished college and now I'm a corrections officer working in a medium security prison. Right now we're looking to buy a house but homes prices are expensive in Oregon. I'm still on Xbox alot so if anyone wants to every play feel free to hit me up.


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    Re: Where are they now?

    I see you browsing mythonian, maybe this thread will get one post a month.


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    Re: Where are they now?

    Quote Originally Posted by Zeta Crossfire View Post
    I see you browsing mythonian, maybe this thread will get one post a month.
    lul just lurkin' like I always do.
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    Re: Where are they now?

    Graduated from college and been working for just over two years in the tech field as a product specialist/consultant. Still living in Michigan and 24 now.

    But you know that because we're friends on Facebook.
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    Re: Where are they now?

    22 years old, about to graduate from college and work for my own gaming company soon with friends.

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    Re: Where are they now?

    22, Working in FQA, playing video games for a living. Can't get much better there. Single and happy with it.
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