Events of the original FC RPG occured during this time. Notable events Included the discovery of Requiem, The Empires failed blitz of brotherhood space, and the release of the flood across several forerunner installations, including several Halo rings.

November 11th FC RP Short: Prototype Titan


May 23rd FC RPG Shorts: Joint Assassination

May 30th Book 1, Prelude (definitive edition)

June 3rd Book 1, Chapter 1: Battle of Radiant (Definitive edition)

Ceasefire is called, August 14th

Groups of Interest

To be done:

The Empire
The Brotherhood
The Covenant Remnants
The Silvatore Mercenary group
The Flood
The Promethean Reclaimants
Crew of the Ares
Juliper Squad

Persons of Interest

Real name: ???
Age: ??? [Est. 60 years, 50 physical]
Sex: Female

Bio: Saphira was a promising young ONI operative before the UNSC broke apart, eager to discover the mysteries of the universe. Disappointed with the direction of ONI, believing them to be overstepping their boundries, she used the civil war as an opportunity to disappear and strike out on her own. She went into deep cover, not committing to either side of the war, and keeping up a civilian life as a disguise. Now, she's hunted by both the Brotherhood and Imperial intelligence agencies, who consider her to be a dangerous traitor. Despite this, she has many powerful connections in both factions, and has weighed heavily on these to avoid assassins, and procure materials necessary to her operations. Although loathe to admit it, both the Imperial and Brotherhood intelligence agencies share a sigh of relief every time their assassins turn up a failed mission report, as an outside agent can be a valuable asset, especially during the current ceasefire...

To be Done:

Damian Willows
Jeremy Treben
Codename: NervyDestroyer