June 5, 2620

It's the year 2620 and nothing has changed since the battle between the two titans. Unfortunately, there haven't been any news for 10 years about the titans. People think it may be a cease fire, maybe a victory, or could be they was wiped out by an unknown being. That's what they believe, but you want to know what I believe?

Petty Officer Mays rests his feet on his cold desk staring out into space from his window. He begins to think about all the times he fought in the great war better the Empire and the Brotherhood. Started off as a marine and rose up through the ranks. He was a sufficient officer to Empire and serviced in R.E.D.D and became a Spartan. It feel like yesterday when he became a spartan, but deep down he knows it didn't bring joy to him. Through his times, he experienced blood shed on both fronts, planets glassed, cities destroyed, and the death of his beloved squad.

My squad was everything to me. We went though hell and back, hoping to win the fight no matter the cost. However, they paid the price and yet I didn't. I should've been me and not them....

Mays struck the metal wall next to his desk with an excessive force, nearly causing a dent in the wall. He stood up from his desk and reached for his helmet by the window. As he gripped his helmet, he felt the weight of his team placing their hands on his shoulder. His eyes glowed as he turn around to see nothing but the empty space in his room. His face transitioned from joy to dreadful. He placed the helmet on his head and it locked into his armor. " There never coming back, no matter how hard I remember them. However-", he said grabbing his Assault Rifle and placed it on his back as it locked into place, "I will carry their burden, their pride, their love, and memories."

Mays walked toward the door and placed his hand on the scanner as the door opened. He took one last look on his desk to see a photo of team, posing with their ODST armor. The photo showed a total of six ODST's and one Spartan, that one spartan was Mays. He was standing near one of his teammates while his arms in crossed giving a chuckle look staring at the camera. On the photo, there was writings in red on the bottom right hand corner. It read, "RedWatch Forever! - Adam Mays". Mays left the room saying, "I'll join you on the other side...".

Few minutes later, Mays reached the main corridor of the cruiser with three pelicans surrounding him. The corridor looked like a glowing shield when shot, but it was blue. A protective barrier sealing the outside of space from the internal hull were personnel lived. As he stared outside the corridor, he watched over a planet. The planet still look beautiful as ever after the first war during the Human-Covenant War.

Another spartan walked over to Mays and patted his shoulder. He looked to Mays then gazed at the planet. The spartan asked, "You ready?". Mays responded, "Yeah I'm ready. Inform the General we found it."

.........." We're going back to Reach. This time I won't lose anyone, and I will make sure it!"

To be continued...June 16, 2019