Destroy the Covenant challenge:

-Scoring must be on
-Final score must be positive
-A video must be provided below this post, starting at the mission selection screen and ending at the end of the level.
-First person to post the video gets a point
-Next challenge will be posted when the first has been completed

Part 1 (No Retreat, No Surrender)
Strike back against the covenant's arrival with overpowering force! Noble 6 refuses to back down!

-Winter contingency
-Black eye skull on
-Grunt birthday party skull on
-If engaged by covenant forces, you must fight until all covenant forces are defeated (no skipping past battles once you're engaged. Skips are allowed if you are not engaged.)
-After engaging the covenant for the first time, do not enter a building until Visigrad (an exception can be made if one enemy refuses to leave a building, however you cannot pick up anything from inside and must leave as soon as possible.)
-ALL enemies at visigrad must be defeated before entering the station