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    FC Update - PC Beta War Dates!

    PC Beta War Dates

    Now with an alpha stage!

    Halo: MCC PC Beta War

    You're reading that right folks, we have a Beta War all set up and ready to go! The Beta War starts January 5th at 6PM EST! Shortly before the Beta War starts, we will go into detail with what exactly we are targeting with each Battle Night. The WC will be holding another meeting before then to iron out the details. You can expect this Beta War to be relatively short since we've played this game before. That being said, if you have any suggestions or comments about what you like to see tested, please contact one of the administrators, moderators, or army leadership.

    We should probably talk about army leadership...

    Leading Face First

    During the WC meeting, we decided to divide the six of us attending between the two armies for help establish leadership. Please note, at this time no one is acting as a Field Marshall. Instead the 3 for each army will be acting more as a leadership council until we can establish a membership and its leadership in stone. These people will be the go to people for information and enlistment of the armies. The leaders of the armies are as follows:

    BLUE: Maxdoggy, Metkil5685, and SpartanBH
    REDD: PhoenixPrime, Silko, Zeta Crossfire

    The Alpha Battle Nights!

    Okay, the Alpha thing is really a quick jab at us calling it a Beta War, but we are holding mock battle nights/community nights every Sunday until the Beta War starts. It will just start as community night and maybe even be a skirmish as we get closer to the Beta War. The first one is this Sunday, December 15th, at 7PM EST hosted by Zeta Crossfire and myself. We'll provide details for each subsequent week in Discord.

    Our Mission

    Let's be honest with yourselves. Those of us who will be returning, a fair amount of us have had a lot in our lives change. Some of us are married, most of us have jobs, and some even have kids. We're getting older and we just don't have the time and energy that we had we started playing FC back in {insert Halo game here}. With that, we are currently targeting FC in a slightly different direction, but still maintaining what makes FC what it is.

    With that, you can expect us to bring back a more classic approach to the War Map much like we had back in Halo 2 and 3. This means no auxiliary battles or confusing map concepts. Just some maps with lanes on a larger map. Get to the capital and provoke a capital battle. Now this isn't 100% set in stone (thus the Beta War) and we have a couple ideas floating about how we can keep it simple, but add a more tactical layer for the leadership to play with that isn't as powerful as auxiliary battles were.

    The other thing we are going to keep intact in squads. We feel that squads are the lifeblood of FC and should be cherished at all costs. That means where will be no drafting of individuals of into armies. You pick your army and your squad if you have a preference of squad and you go play with them. The only change we are making to squads is that all squads to remain open to all recruits.

    Another squad-based concept we are toying with is the creation of core squads where any new recruit without a squad preference would go. This will be intended as a place for people new to FC to learn about FC and its squads without being thrown into a squad that might seem daunting to them. These squads might eventually lead to the creation of the more static squads (like REDWATCH or Legacy used to be) or lead members to join such squads.

    End of the day, we aim to create a structured and competitive way to play Halo that feels like it has a greater value each night you play in the form of war and armies.

    Enlistment and You!

    We will be opening up enlistment for the armies in the next couple days. We are changing the process of enlisting into an army. You will no longer be doing it through the Enlistment Office here on the forums. Instead, there will be a Discord channel created and all enlistment applications will be posted there. Once a member of the army gets with you, there will be a short orientation (instead of full boot camps). After they have processed you through orientation you will be placed into a squad and ready to go for your first battle night.

    Pay attention to Discord for the announcement of enlistment opening up. Should be open at some point this weekend.

    Don't forget Discord!

    As a reminder, we are now using Discord for almost everything FC related. Join us here if you haven't already:

    We've got a lot of work ahead of us and I'm hoping everyone is willing to pitch in, even if it's just attending our events.

    See you on the battlefield,

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    Re: FC Update - PC Beta War Dates!

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    Re: FC Update - PC Beta War Dates!

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    Re: FC Update - PC Beta War Dates!

    This is going to get pretty spicy I think
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    Re: FC Update - PC Beta War Dates!

    I can't wait to get back in the game.

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