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    The Breach: Introduction

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    UNKNOWN: Hello P4rAd0X, or should I say Emilia Osprey.
    P4rAd0X: Who is this and how do you know my name?
    UNKNOWN: It shouldn't matter of who I am Emilia. Just know we've been keeping tabs on you.
    UNKNOWN: You tried to hide your identity behind those close doors and gathering...classified information.
    UNKNOWN: Information you should not be digging into...
    P4rAd0X: I don't know what your talking about
    UNKNOWN: We know everything Ms. Osprey, we have everything on you.
    P4rAd0X: ....
    Connection Lost.....
    Connection Re-established

    P4rAd0X: How did you?... GET OFF MY LINE!
    Connection Interrupted...
    Switching to Camera view

    A group of men wearing uniforms dyed in black and skull masks covering their face, breached into Emilia's complex raising laser silenced magnums. The lasers glided across the walls, the men moving cautiously throughout the apartment to reach Emilia. When the men broke in all they could see is broken glass on the floor and the stench of expired products piled in a trash bin. Whoever Emilia was, she lived horribly. Every step the men make, a creak in the floor sounded. Emilia sits in the far back room clenching onto her magnum and loading a magazine quietly. She could hear the footsteps getting closer. Breaking and entering into each room of the apartment and searching through her things.

    "1-3, sit tight and guard the main door. 1-2, 1-4, 1-5, you're with me.", ordered the captain kicking a brown duffel bag to the side of the hall. The team stepped into a long hall way with two doors on the left and two doors on the right. The captain thought she can be in any one of them, so he raised his left hand to head level and performed directions for each of the men behind him. 1-2 made his way pass his captain and quickly entered the left door closet to the captain. 1-4 proceeded with 1-2 then made her way to the other door on the left. There she encounter a room filled with magazines and holographic tapes. 1-4 reached into the pile of magazines and only to find nothing important to their mission. 1-5 tapped his captain shoulder and breached into the far right room, only to find an empty room. "Room is clear captain.". 1-1 took precaution and darted his eyes to the last door. 1-2 slowly stepped outside his designated room and follow suit with 1-1. Both of them stood on the opposite side of the door. 1-1 holding his weapon close to him while 1-5 aimed his weapon at the door. They both looked at each other and nodded. In a split second, 1-5 kicked down the door and was struck with a knife to his throat. 1-1 opened fire into the room, unloading his entire clip. 1-4 and 1-2 responded and dragged 1-5 from the scene into the kitchen.

    "Man down" radioed 1-4 into her watch strapped around her wrist. The watch allowed the team make communication to operations, in which they were located outside the apartment. Operations responded and sent medic to deal with 1-5 injuries. However, the medic will arrive in 10 minutes, so 1-4 ordered 1-3 to stand by 1-5 and defend him until a medic can arrive. 1-1 reloaded his weapon and quickly aimed his weapon into the room, swaying to make sure that no object will hit him. In the room, he saw a brown desk and a makeshift bed torn into pieces. There was only one light in the room and it hung by a thread of wire from the ceiling. 1-1 checked under the desk and under the bed, also between the mattresses. He then turned his head and stared at the two door closet. Aiming his weapon at the closet doors, he stepped closer and closer to the doors with caution. He slowly reached the left handle of the closet door with his right hand, holding his magnum in his left hand. 1-1 swiftly yanked the closet handle and the closet door slid and banged into the wall where the other door was. What was infront of him was a supply of clothing and a few server rackets. The servers were damaged, he knew Emilia destroyed the servers to protect herself. 1-1 looked deep into the closet, searching behind clothes, behind big trash bags filled with shoes and clothes, and paperwork; only to find nothing.

    1-1 then made his way to the window in the room. The window looked untouched but he had to make sure. There was a latch on top of the window and he went for it. Unlocking the latch, he pulled the window open. Outside there was no stair case and the building was three stories high. He thought to himself that there was no way she can jump from the window and survive. 1-1 closed the window and searched around again before leaving the room. 1-1 started toward the kitchen to find the medic working on 1-5 and 1-3,1-2, and 1-4 standing by. "Operation, we couldn't find her. How copy?", said 1-1 over the comms.

    "Alpha 1-1, we're sending a specialist up." replied operations with the comms being cut. A man stepped into the apartment with an ebony trench coat which the collar covered his neck. He wore black suit paints and combat boots. However, what distinguish the man from the others is that he was wearing a helmet with a silver mask and a scarlet red visor shaped like a V. The men stood in attention and saluted the specialist. "At ease men" ordered the specialist stepping over the injured soldier. When the specialist spoke, his voice had a deep tone and almost as close to a robot. "They told me you couldn't find her?", the specialist visor shifted over to 1-1. It felt like the specialist was glaring at 1-1 for his lack of knowledge in searching for a criminal. "Yes-sir, we searched all the rooms and found nothing. She destroyed her servers, trying to hide any information on her.", 1-1 replied.

    The specialist sighed and walked around the living space and the kitchen searching for any clues. "If I was a known hacker, where would I hide?". Specialist hands glided under the tables and reached under the couches to find anything. He looked back over to 1-1, "Where was your man struck?". 1-1 pointed to the close left door in the dark hallway. The specialist made his way over to the room and stepped into it. Entering the room, the specialist looked into the exact locations as 1-1 did. "You can't hide forever Emilia." shouted the specialist removing all the clothes and unnecessary shit from her closet. Once he removed everything from the walls, he was left with nothing in the closet. For a moment, he thought she was actually gone but then he heard a thump in the next room. The specialist left the room and entered the empty room 1-5 searched. He slowly stepped over the floorboards and the sound of wood tearing could be heard in the kitchen. He crouched and placed his hands on the walls and then on the floor. "Wherever you are, I will find you.". His visor glowed a bright red and information ran across the screen of the visor like a computer. The function of the visor allowed him to see the unseen, in which allowed him to be the best tracker in the organization. The visor switched into tracker mode, showing footprints along the floorboard. The foot prints glowed a bright white and it was everywhere as if she was trying to confuse him. The specialist slowed his breathing and started to control it. With each breathe, his actions were clear as day and map out where she was going. Dumping all useless data from the foot tracker logs, he made a few calculations and arrived at a solution. He followed the tracks of Emilia's foot print which lead him to a wall in the back corner of the room. He didn't step closer to the wall for she will know that he found her.

    "1-1, bring your men to my location." ordered the specialist. 1-1 gathered his men and rushed into the room where the specialist was standing. 1-1 tried to speak but the specialist rose his finger over his mask, signaling him to stay quiet. He then pointed his finger toward the corner wall which 1-1 acknowledged and proceeded. 1-1 approached the wall with caution and signaled 1-3 to breach into the wall, but the specialist denied it. The specialist grabbed 1-4 weapon and let out a barrage of bullets into the lower section of the wall. The firing stopped and he dropped the magnum on the floor. "You can open it now captain.". 1-1 breached into the corner wall and found Emilia leg injured by the barrage of bullets. In her hand she was wielding a magnum and 1-4 quickly snatched it from her hand. 1-1 and 1-2 pulled Emilia out of the hidden wall and forced her on her stomach infront of the specialist. She made growling noise and screamed a few times trying to break the soldiers grip on her, but she couldn't.

    "Poor Emilia...I told you, you was digging too far down into information classified to the public, and now you'll pay for the consequences." said the specialist in a humorous tone. "Just go ahead and kill me why won't ya.", replied Emilia in pain from the gunshot wounds.

    "No, you don't deserve death. Not just yet little lady. Your files showed me you was looking into the Flood database, and I was intrigued by your discovery of their species. That is why I have a job for you to do.".

    "Screw you, I don't want any participation in your opportunities."

    "Who said I was asking you?"

    The specialist swayed his head to the side, ordering his men to take her out the apartment and to operations. 1-1 and his men moved Emilia Osprey out of her apartment bounded by zip-ties and a black bag covering her face. The specialist followed behind the men down the flight of stairs into the alley where a specialized van parked. The soldier's threw Emilia into back of the van with all but 1-1 sitting in the back guarding her. 1-1 made his way to the rear door and held the door opened for the specialist. The specialist stepped into the van and sat near the operations team by their computers. The van was huge and had three sections. The first section was for the driver, second section for the operations to communicate with agents, and the third section for prisoners. " Package retrieved Alpha 1-6, we are meeting you at the rendezvous." said an operation agent over the comms. 1-1 tapped the driver shoulder and the driver sped out the alley onto the main road.

    15 minutes passed by

    Operations arrived at the drop point where they met a D78-TC pelican. The crew grabbed Emilia and carried her over 1-4 shoulder. The specialist snatched the bag over Emilia's head off as she met with a pelican and the name on the rear side of it. She was astonished and shocked to know who captured her. The soldiers brought Emilia into the pelican and strapped her down in a seat and locked her in. All members of the Operations entered into the pelican and took their seat except the specialist. He stood over Emilia to bestow fear upon her. Standing six feet tall over her and held a bar close to her seat. "Now do you know who we are Ms. Osprey?" asked the specialist in a sarcastic tone. The soldiers took over their masks and removed a patch from their shoulder. A patch that was hiding a insignia. Emilia eyes was about to burst out to know that the insignia of REDWATCH had appeared and the I.O.N.I symbol on the side of the hangar doors. "We are the Imperial Office of Naval Intelligence and you can call me the Warden. I do hope you will enjoy your new job Ms. Osprey."

    The bay doors on the pelican closed, and the pelican took off into the sky. P4rAd0X otherwise known as Emilia Osprey was know captured and detained by the Imperial Office of Naval Intelligence. She doesn't know what is in store for her and she knows its not good if I.O.N.I is involved.
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