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    The Breach: Classified Files #1

    ///::<< LOGIN DETECTED....
    ::\\ ACCESSING File 1-1

    [FROM: Agent 22//]
    [TO: WARDEN]

    Warden, we received the latest Intel on Paradox location and formed a strike team to capture her for your project. Also, we discovered she found the location of one of our sites and have other contacts on the job. I’ll have a few REDWATCH forces join me to deal with her contacts, in the mean time, I believe the COLEMAN PROTOCOL should be activated. It’s your call.


    [TO: Agent 22 & BB]

    Emilia Osprey, otherwise known as Paradox, is under our car now and she will be inducted into the project. She will undergo <REDACTED>. The Protocol shouldn’t last no more than 3 months. By then we should have the final results. As for her contacts, I already know the location of Saphira. If she tries to interfere with our plans, she will be dealt with just like Ms. Osprey. Also Agent I want to remind you that this project is a classified tier 1 project, only authorized by IONI high officers and the Emperor. I suggest you deal with those that had contacted with Ms. Osprey.

    Remember agent, we have one year before the Empire strikes <REDACTED>. I want to make sure the Empire is successful during the campaign.

    << END OF MESSAGE >>
    <<:// LOGGING OUT
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