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Thread: PSN ID's

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    PSN ID's

    This topic's purpose is so simple even your brain can process this. Just post your PSN ID below

    mine = LocoCrazy_YYZ

    Tell me who you are in your friend request.

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    You meant PSN, right?
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    I believe so, anyway why dont you post the list from the other site, would make this a whole lot easier then having everyone posting again.

    BTW my PSN ID: IX Dr Doom XI

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    For those people that own a PS3 and I'm sure most of you have made an account for it, post up your names here so people can send FR's or accept them. I will update this post with the posted names and their respective users just to keep it more organized.

    Please pin this topic so it doesn't get lost:

    zZ Dr K Zz: zZ_Dr_K_Zz

    LocoCrazy: LocoCrazy_yyz

    deathbyzero: ShenmueZero

    blackfox06: l_TheDoctor_l

    IX Dr Doom XI: IX_Dr_Doom_XI


    KillerGUNNY132: KillerGUNNY132

    Raz Grriz: RaZ_Vicious

    Maxdoggy: Maxdoggy

    Maxdoggy's Dad: PastorMike

    MTC OverRunn: xLeGo--

    Darthcnch: darthcnch

    Toasta: Flying_Toasta
    Time of Recruitment: 8/2/2006, 7:33 PM PDT

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    I'll pin it once I have mod; PM Metkil for now. Hopefully, he'll beat me to it.

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    Re: PSN ID's

    Hey guys my ID is Deadlocked-Hobo. Please add me I need battle buddies for BBC2!!

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    Re: PSN ID's

    Guys! Come on. I know SOMEONE in FC has a Playstation 3 with PSN

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    Re: PSN ID's

    EvergreenScott- i only use it to watch movies, im not a ps3 fan

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    Re: PSN ID's

    I pretty much do the same thing as poder,

    but its FieryGrave.... I think

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    Re: PSN ID's

    thats cause you 2 are noobs.

    Whoever is going to be on the Killzone 3 at midnight feel free to join me. I'll be ranking up in multiplayer for the first 24 hours.

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