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Thread: The Room

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    The Room

    WARNING: Language

    Because everyone needs to see this.

    "he has passed on, this person is no more, he has ceased to be, he's expired and gone to meet his maker, he's a stiff, the rift of life, he rests in peace, if he didn’t shoot himself he'd be pushing up daisies, his metabolic processes are now history, he's off the twig, he's kicked the bucket, he's shoveled off the mortal coil, run down the curtain and join the frickin choir invisible, THIS IS AN EX-PERSON!!!"
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    Re: The Room

    I love the Nostalgia Critic! One of the funniest reviewers around!

    The Room is such a terrible movie, I tried to watch it one day, but couldn't comprehend the horribleness of it.
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    Re: The Room

    That was epic in its fail. Lol. Very funny review and I want to bet someone now to watch the movie without laughing at it. Lmao.
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    Re: The Room

    I watched this before the review...........son of a bitch.
    The fuck you looking at, asshat?

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    Re: The Room

    I actually saw this "movie" in it's entirety about 2 years ago.

    A friend, suggested it while we were flipping channels; doing our smoking and drinking thing.

    It has now become another 1 hour and 45 minutes that I won't be getting back.

    P.S. Friends, don't let friends channel surf; while drinking. It could save your life...and time.
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    Re: The Room

    The fucking actor was fucking funny you m oTHer... LIKE WTF!?!?!
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    Re: The Room

    I think I know what I'm sending to my uncle for his birthday
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