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Thread: God and Sony

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    God and Sony

    For those who dont know.

    PlayStation Plus is getting extra time on it. Up to July 11th. They call it the Birthday Bonus.

    Its funny cause my Birthday is on the 11th...well "Birthday" some would refer it to as my "Spawnday"...apparent ly dick's like me dont get to be born...just spawnd

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    Re: God and Sony

    cool story bro.


    Quote Originally Posted by Gargoyle View Post
    I love the kid I really do. But damn I've never seen anyone start more shit then him

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    Re: God and Sony

    Ahahahahafuck you.

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    Re: God and Sony

    LOL, that's great and all but........ Sony still sucks

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    Re: God and Sony

    Your awesome Loco.

    Or some shit.
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    Re: God and Sony

    Haha. It's ok Loco. I'll trade ya :P It'll be our little secret.

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