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    Re: Old Forum Memories

    Team Gravity.

    Nuff said
    Peace is a lie, there is only passion.
    Through passion, I gain strength.
    Through strength, I gain power.
    Through power, I gain victory.
    Through victory, my chains are broken.

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    Re: Old Forum Memories

    I am an original member in a way.

    No one acknowledges that except Raz.
    You want me to put a microphone in?
    No. Fuck you.
    Story behind me and not using microphones on XBL.
    • Original Xbox: The clip kept breaking when I am not rough. And wires.
    • Xbox 360: Fucking wires fuck up. Screw it. I am not using/buying another one.

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    Re: Old Forum Memories

    Christmas banner
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    Re: Old Forum Memories

    Quote Originally Posted by d3ad1te View Post
    Christmas banner
    Win. Just like this!

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    Re: Old Forum Memories

    Spartan, you WOULD bring up the montage, lol.

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    Re: Old Forum Memories

    I highly doubt yall see this, but I had a blast reading through this thread and remembering the good old days. Thanks for the memories boys

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    Re: Old Forum Memories

    Good to see you pop in Bro, hope all is well in life!

    I created Hill 30

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    Re: Old Forum Memories

    Unfortunately everything is basically going downhill now and wish the old days were back.

    "Creativity is always a leap of faith. You're faced with a blank page, blank easel, or empty stage".

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    Re: Old Forum Memories

    I wouldn't say "going" downhill, more like they have gone. Everything mostly survives through discord now.

    but hey, once you hit rock bottom, there's nowhere to go but up right?
    Spem Successus Alit

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    Re: Old Forum Memories

    Remember black dragon?


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