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    Re: Old Forum Memories


    Long Live Bad Company. (the second one).
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    Re: Old Forum Memories

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    Re: Old Forum Memories

    even better

    Oh the Apocalyptic wars... good times... trolling was never so fun
    Peace is a lie, there is only passion.
    Through passion, I gain strength.
    Through strength, I gain power.
    Through power, I gain victory.
    Through victory, my chains are broken.

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    Re: Old Forum Memories

    Quote Originally Posted by Yehsus View Post
    Well, I'm insulted :p
    Yeah you've been around just as long as anyone else lol. You should be on that list.

    * Coolio-That kid was pretty cool. Helped me beat Gears of War on Hardcore

    * BlackDragonn-The best partner I ever had in these wars when it came to running them. He was the best (IMO) when it came to leading an army. I still talk to him about hockey and shit on occasion (he changed his GT)

    * Tyranny-Probably the 2nd best friend I made in these wars (next to Raz). If anyone was around when Tyranny and I were leading together, they can tell you how fun and hilarious we made it. He's going into the Marines and is about to come out an officer.

    * Malkiewicz-That kid was pretty fuckin hilarious. Good soldier.

    * Supafuz-I love supafuz. He's been a good friend and soldier (at least for me).

    * Lord Kanti-I actually recruited him and I knew him before either of us even got Xbox Live...(embarassing moment: We used to play Runescape together in the same clan before either of us played LIVE).

    * Chef Bobdrick-He lives an hour north of m in Butler. He made the best promo we've ever had...then he left and smoked mountains of weed lol.

    * Ltor-........asshole

    * Monewb-Remember the name....not the person.

    * Snackman-Not much I can say of snackman....except for everything. That kid was as loyal to this community as a fat kid is loyal to a chocolate cake. He did so much for our community, and he even made a HUGE story (you can view it under creative writing or on the old website). He is an author now and just got a book published. Fondest memory of him (war-wise) is when he and Cody orchestrated the ending for the Battle of Waterworks and won it for Red Army.

    * Mephistar-This guy wasn't around long...but he was probably one of the most influential when it came to being fair and hard. he was a great leader, and he became the Neutral Leader of the wars and did a lot for both armies. He was one of my favorite people...(Andimion kind of reminds me of he was Canadian and lived in Toronto XD).

    * One Diamond-This guy was all right as a soldier...but a TERRRRIBLE leader. He was from the South...and wasn't too smart. But I liked him.

    * Darthcnch-I remember he made graphics...

    * Lunar Ravens-One of my all-time favorites (and anyone else who has been around as long as me). One of the greatest leaders ever and he was instrumental in developing a fair system for the wars. He's a cop of some kind in Louisiana I think. He was just a terrific leader and person in general.

    * Destiny Hero-This kid used to go by a different name...I think it was Groundhog or something like that. He came to the wars through IKP...he was a decent soldier and leader...but he and I never were on very good terms.
    * DrSneaky-Dont remember

    * Fletcha-Fletcher was always a terrific soldier and a decent leader. He popped up for a little while a few months ago and then disappeared again.

    * Chopstick-Chopstick...dont get me started on that fat, lumpy roll of a distasteful Asian girl...She still trolls my parties to this day.

    Here are some other people that were pretty significant:

    *Deez Nootz-He was probably the best leader the wars ever had...probably because he was a 40+ year old Sergeant First Class. Tyranny, Deez, and I always played together on a variety of war games...he was our "mentor" when I first joined. I really miss him ...he mailed Tyranny an M9 Pistol.

    *Renegade80-He was Chef Bobdricks neighbor and stuck around for awhile...he and I were pretty close. Idk what happened to him. He was a good soldier, and a terrible leader.

    *MicroJupiter-How could ANY of us forget Micro? Probably the most obnoxious genius any of us have ever known. He did so much for the community behind the curtains...he was a very good player and a decent leader, but also had some major flaws...but one thing I will always remember was when Raz made him cry and even put it in a montage video. I do miss him.

    *Phillyguy-He was a good player and leader. He's blackdragonn's cousin.

    *Doctor Tsunami-He left just as Halo 3 started...he was an emo prick. Nuff said.

    *DTXSpaz and SpaciestRelic-These two were probably the biggest idiots ever to come through this community...I was recruited by DTXSpaz, but they were just complete morons and purposely tried to fuck shit up. Their most memorable moment was when they made the video "Gigglestick" to make fun of Raz. They were Grade A assholes.

    *Silverdagger-He was a very good leader and stayed for the first war of RVBR and then left. He was always a good person.

    *Nth Private Tucker-You all never heard of him (most likely)...but if it wasn't for him, we would have never started RVBR. He came up to Raz and I and said "we should start another war sim" we did...and tucker never took part in it. But he did ignite it. He was obsessed with World War 2.

    *TimliestBrute (Not Sad Panda Eh)-This kid was so good at one point he was 8th overall in halo 2 mlg...he was so deadly with the sniper Raz once banned him from using it. He taught me the ins and outs of how to play Halo and made me so much better. I even beat him once.

    *Pimp1m-You guys may remember him...he was a good player and a funny kid. I knew him before I joined the wars.

    *Haloplayer, Duckdodger, Intrepid Angel, Tnaryt666, Yungbuck213, Spartan753, Underground04-They probably did some of the best work for the wars. They were the IKP crew and actually from from the Allies vs. Axis...You all know that "RISK system" that is used and how you can buy stuff for your maps? That was Haloplayer's brainchild. They did a lot for the wars that not many people know about.

    *MLGOrlando-....probably the most hated kid I've ever come to known through these wars. Anyone that was in RVBR knows about him and wish they didn't. He single handedly caused so much shit for these wars. He tried morphing it into an MLG community.

    *Mandt-I remember the name...he was a good guy?

    *Jetyoda79 (now WSxCanada)-he doesnt have REACH anymore, but he was a major influence in the wars and a good friend to Raz and I. He still plays under a WSx name if any of you are interested in re-finding him.

    *Cabboose-One of my favorites...he was just a delightful person to be around. So very funny and stuff.

    *MadsquirrelyDUD and TheSlayer1-Were good friends of mine that joined the wars and were big parts in the leadership and killing departments.

    Those are all the BIG names I can remember that came through these wars...I miss a lot of them...and I'm glad some haven't returned. Hopefully these names bring back a few good memories for the vets!

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    Re: Old Forum Memories

    Man, that site brings back alot of memories.

    Those were the days.

    RvBR/FC Veteran. 7 years

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    Re: Old Forum Memories

    I'd be careful with the word "active".

    Another name I would add to the list would be Valkanator. he was with us for the last war of RvBR and the rest of Halo 3 wars.

    So many memories indeed. too many haha.
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    Re: Old Forum Memories

    This thread just makes me smile.

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    Re: Old Forum Memories

    I still enjoy the layout and skin of the old forums over every single one we've had afterwards.
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    Re: Old Forum Memories


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    Re: Old Forum Memories

    Fix'd Yehsus.

    And yes Loco, active, the three recruited before me are all gone, Killadawg is the only one before me who's still here once in a while, but hardly active.

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