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Thread: Hurricane Irene

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    Hurricane Irene

    Well, its coming. And I will be affected by it. But It should not be too bad for me. I live near Allentown, PA Way inland from any shoreline. But, it will still produce wind and A lot of rain. I may lose my power most of the day Sunday, and maybe for a few days. I do not know if anyone else is near the east coat, but stay safe.

    Here is the track of the storm for anyone who is interested that won't be affected.

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    Re: Hurricane Irene

    I know alot of my guys can't show up due to this
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    Re: Hurricane Irene

    Down in Miami...we deal with Hurricanes all the time.

    Trust me, you guys will be fine without electricity; for a couple of days.

    Wost case scenario.

    Stay safe, fellas.
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    Re: Hurricane Irene

    Worst case scenario a quarter of NYC floods. Lol.

    Be safe out there, guys!
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    Re: Hurricane Irene

    Quote Originally Posted by Maxdoggy View Post
    Worst case scenario a quarter of NYC floods. Lol.

    Be safe out there, guys!

    worst case scenario, it triggers a series of cataclysmic events that causes the earth to implode, then shoot out chunks of rocks in every direction, throwing the moon out of orbit, and then having the newly formed asteroids and moon crash into other planets, decimating the entire solar system.

    although that's kinda unlikely.
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    Re: Hurricane Irene

    The fuck you looking at, asshat?

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    Re: Hurricane Irene

    I'm in NC, but I live far enough away that we won't be affected. It will just be windy over here.
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    Re: Hurricane Irene

    Quote Originally Posted by Mi Boys Dinner View Post
    So wrong LOL. The sad part is I can do that LOL

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    Re: Hurricane Irene

    I live next to Raz so. =)
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    Re: Hurricane Irene

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