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    Hello, my Name is Joel, but who cares right! No really call me MedeDust(MeH-DeH-DUST), Mede, Dust.

    I had heard about this site through a friend who's gamertag I lost track of.

    I signed up early 2008, February actually.

    I enlisted in Blue and was placed under wolf squad for a while, the fruit loop squad.

    When the wars kicked off for FC1 so did a squad called Blue Phoenix.

    Blue Phoenix First Roster
    CO: ii Waluigi ii

    LT Medeon

    I had the time of my life no matter how much we lost.

    Eventually I left to join Nova squad under VerbotenDonkey(Ex-Wolf squad) but he was inactive so I actually lead it

    Nova Squad Primary Roster


    This squad soon ended and we merged with Long Sword lead by Dr Doom. I was XO of this squad for a while, don't really remember who was in it just WW2FREAK or Recanz.

    The wars werent working out for me as much anymore so I retired and became the first neutral mod of FC. (It was green before)

    FC went through a rough face where we almost fell apart but about a year later we kicked off something new and I re-enlisted to create the 31st Blue Berets.

    31st Blue Berets Roster
    CO: MedeDust
    XO: ratingzachary



    Well most of them became inactive so i merged with the 27th airborne with Freak(Recanz), MIBoysDinner, Jigoku, HeavyArms, and some others.

    Adjustments happened within the community and I was boosted up and helped Cody(GHOSTHAMMER) our FM, with Medals. These were the first full scale medals within Blue Army(Still have them)

    More adjustments happened and new leadership was chosen

    Feeld Mushroom LarryMorris
    General Sean
    General MedeDust
    General Doom

    something like that lol

    and so many people cycled through the leadership actually, eventually it was something like...

    FM - DrDoom
    Gen - MedeDust
    Gen - AlCapone

    and that was it for a while then we actually added mythonian and eventually he took over. I NEVER WANTED FM. ITS TOO HORRIBLE.

    Anyways I lead as General for a good two years, my favorite was the never ending last war of H3.

    When all of that was over I decided to lend more of my time to FC so as part of the new site's WC I helped create the first FC Accords. Helped develop the troop system and credit system. I created our first interactive WarMap(Failure) I still hold the warmap designs. I created bran new usergroups(The current ones too) I created the banner above. A few affiliate banners, and the awful splash page.

    After a while of helping mythonian, I decided to retire back to Neutral Mod. I then came back for Operation FS and lead as some general position under Kuhblam then Anarchy. Then I retired again and was honored with a Precursor Position. And here I am.

    On the side we also had a Call of Duty War sim that failed! I ran it with WS Angel as leader of the Communists!

    I obviously am a GFX Artist.
    I still do sigs for anybody who wants them, I have quite allot of work around the forums.

    I work as a concrete specialist, as a foreman, pretty well paid.

    I pop back in once in a while and sometimes can be found on xbl but I'm not that active anymore, sort settling down in my real life.

    Thats all for now I guess.


    < Courtesy of DR K
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    Hi, im Raz

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    Oh, are you? Where's YOUR Intro?

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    Re: MedeDust

    Do I know you?

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    Re: MedeDust

    You might I mean you look pretty dumb posting in a dead topic so...

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    Re: MedeDust

    Yeah but you put my name in your post without consent so I have the right to revive this.

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    Re: MedeDust

    Your mother has the right

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    Re: MedeDust

    Woah man....did I....did I travel back in time? Damn those hippies and their clearance sale drugs......

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    Re: MedeDust

    Bump! I win!

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