O Hai Thar. Lets keep this decently short:
I'm KazuhLLL aka Zinzy aka GirlHair aka Kyle. I've been in FC for just about a year now, and hope to stay here for as long the real world permits. I've been ranked from Private to Major in my time here, but more recently I've liked being a lower rank that can just shoot stuff. I'm a senior in high school and I like to draw and play soccer, (and video games, obviously).

As for my army, for the past year I've only been a member of BLUE, and, while that's the side I'm leaning towards, I think I'm gonna wait it out and see who joins which first, before I enlist in either one. As great as my BLUE comrades are, there wouldn't be much fun in having a repeat of our last war, so if there isn't a lot of army switching, I'll probably go REDD just to change things up a bit.

Let's make this place as great as the "good 'ole days" that I'm always hearing about.