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    profile music playlist???

    i think that along with as much as u can do to your profile already that we should maybe have either a profile song or a profile music playlist so people can listen to all sorts of music if they so choose to put music up there

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    Re: profile music playlist???

    would take up to much avalible data... we just had to down grade due to not being able to keep up with our old plan :/

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    Re: profile music playlist???

    ahhh well there goes my idea haha unless u make it only available to premium members that have donated than maybe but i still think that wouldnt work

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    Re: profile music playlist???

    Nahh. It gets old anyway just like MySpace

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    Re: profile music playlist???

    Quote Originally Posted by Blackhawk570 View Post
    Nahh. It gets old anyway just like MySpace
    lol that may be but for awhile it could be interesting but oh well i tried lol

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    Re: profile music playlist???

    As this idea would have some personality and individuality to the personal profiles, it would consume far too many resources.
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    Re: profile music playlist???

    would there be a way to get around that like maybe make them a link to another website that u would have your playlist on or no??? but otherwise i tried my best to bring it forward

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    Re: profile music playlist???

    Well, in my case, I just post them in the comments part of my profile . . . I have two songs and a joke I posted on my profile, all are vid's but their in the comments section. It's not a profile but it works for me.

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