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    Free Photo Editing Software?

    Anyone know of some? and please nothing that will get me a virus I just got a new computer.

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    Re: Free Photo Editing Software?


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    Re: Free Photo Editing Software?


    Of course it depends on your definition of "free".
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    Re: Free Photo Editing Software?

    Quote Originally Posted by Blackhawk570 View Post
    i second this... it is completely free and virus free, but takes a little time to get used to once you do though it's pretty good... best advice you tube the crap out of tutorials

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    Re: Free Photo Editing Software?

    Photoshop. Ask somebody with experience over PM how to get it. Not on here though, Metkil no likey.

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    Re: Free Photo Editing Software?

    I say GIMP, its 100% free....

    You can get Photoshop free, however i suggest not doing it that way since the Government is REALLY watching it now.... thankfully i got After Effects before they whent on that massive crackdown lol...

    But i say use GIMP, it doesnt do everything Photoshop does, but its a great starter

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    Re: Free Photo Editing Software?

    Be careful, Big Metkil is watching.
    The fuck you looking at, asshat?

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    Re: Free Photo Editing Software?

    Number send me a PM. I have an old version of Photoshop I don't use, I have it on 2/3 Computers so I can try and send you that and the CD Key.

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    Re: Free Photo Editing Software?

    Goddamn it. I've been trying to find a free version of Photoshop for SOOOO long.

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    Re: Free Photo Editing Software?

    no such thing as freee... but keep in mind guys you can get a student version of it for only a few hundred long as you have a student id... which is legal and a good deal!

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