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    Call of Duty Elite Premium

    So i just bought it, basically to save money on the DLC, and im kinda satisfied.

    Its doing what i wanted it to do, but has no real purpose after that. You can compete for money or CoD prizes streight from the developers, clans, stats, theater, yadee yadd aa, etc etc etc.


    - You will save money on the DLC. Theres bound to be 20 DLC total (i believe 1 map will count as each) and each would probably run for $20 a pop (or 1200MSP if you dont buy prepaid). so say theres 10 DLC packs that are released and each are $20. thats $200 for all of those or you can buy them now and get them the day they come out for free... thats $150 savings.
    - Xbox Live users (yay me!) get the DLC first... PS3 has yet to get the first DLC, and they are set to get that by the time XBL gets the 2nd DLC later this month.


    - Theres not alot of likes.
    - Nothing special pops out to me other then the "Saving money" and getting the DLC "on the day it comes out for free".

    Final Judgement:

    Final Comments:

    If you play Call of Duty alot (say about 2 hours a day or up to 10 hours a week) id say buy this, but if you play it every once in a blue moon, dont buy it... instead GET ON GAMESTOP.COM AND BUY A YEARS XBL FOR $40!!! <--- Limited time... i just did it

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    Re: Call of Duty Elite Premium

    Good review.

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