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    Hey I'm DarkCullen

    Hi just trying out this whole FC thing as I have never really gotten into anything like this I look forward to seeing you all on the battlefield.

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    Re: Hey I'm DarkCullen

    Welcome to FC! Don't forget to enlist in an army!

    I created Hill 30

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    Re: Hey I'm DarkCullen

    Welcome to the Forerunner Conflict. If you have questions, concerns, or even ideas. Don't be afraid to share em. Enjoy yourself here.

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    Re: Hey I'm DarkCullen

    Hey Dark! I am REDD Major General VerbotenDonkey, glad you decided to give Forerunner Conflict a try! Choose your Faction carefully and then go through that Faction's bootcamp and you'll get placed into a Platoon or Company that you would practice and fight with. I can attest that it is really fun! Been here since 2007. Hope you have fun and if you have any questions, feel free to ask!
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    Re: Hey I'm DarkCullen

    Welcome but before we get any further. Where did you get the Cullen part of your name from?

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    Re: Hey I'm DarkCullen

    Lame, you picked the wrong army. Oh well, welcome to FC!

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    Re: Hey I'm DarkCullen

    Hello, I don't know you, but I already dislike you because of your name. ._.
    You want me to put a microphone in?
    No. Fuck you.
    Story behind me and not using microphones on XBL.
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    Re: Hey I'm DarkCullen

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    Re: Hey I'm DarkCullen

    What's the deal with his name is it like colon or what? I don't get it? Anyways welcome dude, have fun and be positive.

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