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    Re: Conan O'Brien's Halo 4 Role

    Quote Originally Posted by Scarekro View Post
    Thought you guys might find this interesting. I laughed my ass off.

    ME <-----has no more ass to laugh off
    To F%$#$in funny defiantly Easter Egg

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    Re: Conan O'Brien's Halo 4 Role

    Quote Originally Posted by Scarekro View Post
    Okay, I should clarify. How do you know the BR won't be suppressed? I want a video or some sort of link to confirmation.
    Listen to the way the BR sounds in the First Look Trailer then . . . I'm pretty sure that the BR sounds different in it (not sure because of my current adobe situation).

    Either way, I'm pretty sure a lot of people will be pissed if the BR actually sounds like that in the retail game. 343i said they wanted to make weapons "feel" strong and "beefy" . . . making the BR sound like a pea spitter isn't going to back that claim.

    Here is a thread on waypoint about it: check it and see if maybe someone posts the confirmation link in it.
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    Re: Conan O'Brien's Halo 4 Role

    "If we stand here long enough, someone will kill us."

    "Who would be jerky enough to do that?!"

    On June 5th we will get all the answers....hopefully.
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