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    Rules of Vader Visualsİ

    Yes! I'm back at making signatures and avatars, but I have different rules so pay attention and read carefully!

    1. When you request, please specify if you wish to have a signature, avatar or BOTH!

    2. I do not make .GIF files! So, do not request those!

    3. I will not make banners for another website unless I am compensated, but I am sure other artists would gladly do it for free around here, but if you NEED my work in particular, Please Private Message me and we can talk.

    4. Since I am very busy around the community and life, sometimes I may get behind on my shop, with that said I am limiting my requests. Only 3 Requests per day and/or when it is completed.

    5. When requesting a Graphic, please POST in my Shop. I will check my shop almost everyday, and will remove/delete requests that I have completed and will move it to the completed section of my shop.

    6. If there is a problem or issue with your request, it will be moved to the trashed section with an explanation, you are free to Private Message me if you have concerns about your request, But never NEVER ask for a sig in my profile or through PM.

    7. DO NOT FLOOD ME WITH REQUESTS! CHECK my shop daily to see if I am dealing with at least 3 requests, if you see 3 requests, chances are that I am working on them and they will be completed. Your request will be completed in the order that they are posted. The earlier you posted will mean you will get priority!

    *NOTE* I have fun making sigs when I am in the mood to do them. I will only post Graphics and Designs that I like. Everyone is treated with respect. Your requests will get the same amount of attention to detail as the last.

    Thank You for reading, now that you understand my rules, please check out the request key!

    Click for Request Key

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