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    Revolutions Player Statistics & Awards

    So instead of doing a Top 10 for August, I just decided to go ahead and do something for all of the Reach wars combined. (That's part of why it's taken so long).

    NOTE: Part of the Beta War was not included due to the Statbook being discontinued back then. I was forced to ignore them, otherwise this wouldn't have been released until Christmas.

    So, here's a few totals:
    • 356 Players
    • 4800 Player-Games
    • 98270 Kills
    • 24477 Assists
    • 97733 Deaths

    I did things a bit differently this time. Notice how it doesn't say "Top 10" in the title. This is not a Top 10. Instead, and in order to give it some more variety, I went with Awards, divided into categories.

    It's vary similar, except instead of merely the top 10 in every category, now it's the top 3, the average, the median, and the 25 and 75 percentiles. This divides it up a little more, giving a wider variety of people some mentions.

    Also, I added in two entirely new categories: Assists Per Kill Ratio and Assists Per Death Ratio. Additionally, I changed the MVP award to (K+2A)/D (I made the assists twice as valuable) and added in a few other specific ones.

    Please note that in order to be considered, you must have participated in at least 10 games. About 147 people were therefore considered.

    So, here are the stats, in alphabetical order:

    Over nearly the last two years, those stats slowly accumulated. However, sometimes people would change their gamertags. I found as many as I could, but if anyone sees it listing an old and new gamertag of the same person, let me know so I can adjust the awards and everything.

    And from that huge mess of names and numbers, we can derive the following:

    vCash will be awarded based on how your name is listed. However, that will not be distributed until the new vCash system is implemented.

    Anyway, let me know what you guys think of the new layout and awards. Is it better than the previous method, or would you rather us stick to a regular Top 10 for the future?

    EDIT: Switched back from Awards to Top 10 due to popular demand. xD
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    Re: Revolutions Player Statistics & Awards

    My name isn't on any awards. Therefore, I do not like it. :P

    I'd prefer just having a top ten instead of people who "were close to this arbitrary value" getting points.

    Granted, this is freaking awesome how you compiled everything, but I'd maybe only do this for the "sum of _____ things", whether it be groups of wars, ends of games, etc.
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    Re: Revolutions Player Statistics & Awards

    I like the layout, this is really cool but I do agree with Max that it should still be by top ten.

    Quote Originally Posted by Maxdoggy View Post
    I'd prefer just having a top ten instead of people who "were close to this arbitrary value" getting points.
    Also the fact that you missed the last 3 months of the Beta War for the Statbook makes these stats slightly inaccurate...
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    Re: Revolutions Player Statistics & Awards

    I love this

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    Re: Revolutions Player Statistics & Awards

    I didn't win? The system is bias!

    Seriously though, I like the lay out except for the fact that win you look down the stats for someone's name, you couldn't figure out what column tells you what.

    I'm right back at it again...

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    Re: Revolutions Player Statistics & Awards

    oh yay, just more vcash for guzzie and aftershock and group.

    oh wait, i'm on the list? huh. well, darn, now my complaints aren't worth as much...

    although it is basically an award for sucking with assists.... hmmm mixed feelings.

    seriously though, great job skynet! those upgrades paid off..
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    Re: Revolutions Player Statistics & Awards

    YES! im on the awards 1 time.... not really for a good one, but oh well lol

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    Re: Revolutions Player Statistics & Awards

    1.79 K/D for Reach. Can't complain. Wonderful job Myth and the Stat Team.
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    Re: Revolutions Player Statistics & Awards

    Wow Myth this is amazing, thanks for putting in all this work for the community. I was soooo close to having a positive K/D for all the wars combined. But my first war I went stupid negative and I think that's what hurt me. But hey I saw my name once.

    Oh yea and you mentioned to let you know if there are any name changes or etc... Well xXHELLWOlFXx is listed about 3 times all with a slightly different spelling & RoA Hellwolf is his old OLD account before changing it to xXHELLWOlFXx, so you have him listed about 4 times XD I'll let you know if I notice anything else.

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    Re: Revolutions Player Statistics & Awards

    This took a lot of time and effort and we appreciate it. However, I would stick with the top 10 and only do this sort of thing for the reasons mentioned above. Also, I can't see the awards section :/ Probably just my crappy ass laptop though... Once again, great job.

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