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    Forunner Conflict Zombie Story : James

    Chapter One

    I awoke in my blue 2001 pick-up truck, head resting on the steering wheel. The wheel was black as night, my hair strands that fell off are all over the wheel. Sweat is all down my body, I feel drenched head to toe. I always ask the same question, How many days? Six... Six days since the first sighting of the infection. Like every other day, those words never leave my head through the day, six days after the infection. I look over to see my husky, laying peacefully on my seat, tail wagging to the side of my car. She was white, Grey strip run from her body till her tail end. She was five years old, trained, and always at my side. I love her.., She awoke as a spoke the words “Another day, Cyrus.”

    She jumped up to a sitting position, and licked my sweat filled face. I jumped out of my pick up, and opened the door for her to get out. As soon as I opened it, she ran to the bushes. She obviously had to go the bathroom and I needed to do so too. Five minutes went by, frantic I ran through the bushes to see her body. Mangled from head to toe, her chest was not there, I could see her rib cage. I screamed at the top of my lungs, I did not care if they could here me, I was in pieces. I fell down to the ground, crying, my whole system was in agony. I looked up, teary eye, to see Cyrus getting back up. I was so happy, I did not notice her blue eyes. First sign of zombies: blue eyes. She jumped on me making me fall backwards, teeth opening and closing, like a wolf I thought. As soon as the first bite of her white teeth met my face, I awoke. I was still in bed, sweating, holding on to my dog, Cyrus. She was peacefully asleep next to me, I never felt so much better in my life. It was seventy two days after the first infection.

    I could not fall back to sleep, I was awake and sweaty. I always thought how disgusting it is to sweat to much, but my doctor said it was fine, just nightmares. I walked down my hall to the bathroom, got in the shower, turned it on. Cold water splashes against my head and body, chills come down my spine. I was used to the water being cold, but for some reason my body was not. Hot water was nothing to worry about, I pulled it so I could have water for something other than showers. I quickly got dressed in my blue jeans and my favorite T-Shirt. Walked out of my room and turned off the light, electricity was something I needed to save. As I left the room I looked back to see my dog asleep without a single movement, I smiled and said “Another day, Cyrus” and closed the door.

    The halls of my house were dark, darker than night. I needed my electricity only for my room, I don't need to waste it off my whole house. I grabbed my flashlight that was where it always was, on the top stair. I walked down the stairs and saw light coming through the boarded up windows and doors. Sunlight was always my friend, ever since I was a kid, I was afraid of the dark, but now that is the least of my worries. The staircase leads down to the kitchen, that is where I was heading. My backpack laid open and unmoved from where I put it last night. Ammo, m16 attachments, and pistol mags lay scattered all over the table and inside my bag. My black customized m16 was my favorite weapon to hold when the night shifts come by at my gun store. I built my m16 with my favorite attachments flashlight as always, dual mags, and flame thrower. I never used the flame thrower before but after today I hope I will. I finished my gun, threw my backpack on my back, and put my pistol in holster. “Cyrus, LET'S GO!”, was all I said before the jingle of the collar came down.

    Chapter 2

    The blue back pack was not to heavy and not to light but the backpack was really hurting my shoulders. I walk out of the red door of my now for weeks boarded house. Cyrus' leash was hanging from the light post in the morning sky and the wind blew it back and forth in unison. Cyrus has not needed her leash in over 2 years, she was 4. I grabbed the leash for old times sake, Cryus stopped by me and turned her head wondering what I was doing. I dropped the leash, the metal clanging against the light post in a “FTANGG” noise.

    “Come on Cyrus, lets move.” I said walking down the street.

    My house is stuck in the middle of a suburban neighborhood, lies right in a culdesac. Walking up the road, every day I see the same houses that were populated with people. Now all I see are broken into, beaten up, and deserted house just like mine, but mine was populated. All of the houses were people that I known, people that I spoke to everyday, friends and family, gone. Either getting to the government to be safe or just was taken by the infection. I have no wife, no girlfriend just me and my dog. Might sound like a boring life but I know that if I would of made of relationship, would have been to hard on me during these times. My pick-up truck parked up next to the curb, my favorite thing in my life, except for my dog. I jumped in on the leather seat and opened up the car door for Cyrus to jump in. She jumped in and went into a sitting position wagging her tail.

    I put the key in and turned the key in a position where I could here the noise, the noise that resembles purring of a cat. My truck still works because I always looked after it, in the back of my truck is all my supplies. I have gas, new oil, food, ammo, and especially guns. Even though I have most of the guns from my gun store, I never had to use any of them. My M-16 did all the work for me, my favorite two weapons at me side, my pistol which is a Desert Eagle and the M-16 assault rifle. The car revved up the engines and I was on my way to town. I always go to Town, even though I have enough supplies. I always look for animals, people, survival, Never finding it when I wanted to. Today was different, Today I knew I was going to accomplish my goal.

    I drove into town with my truck coming to a halting stop. I looked through my wind shield and window to see if there was any infected humans. Two... Two was all I saw through my wind shield. Cyrus knew not to bark, she has a special instinct telling her not to, She knew that would kill us both. I carefully opened the car door, the clicking of the old latch always scared me because I thought it was to loud. I jumped out of my seat and my shoes hit the gray street cement. I grabbed my blue bag and pulled it across the seat trying to quickly get out. I let Cyrus jump over the middle of my car and jump out of the truck. She looked up at me, seeing if I knew what to do in this situation.

    Both of them weren't looking, but if I walked to close they would smell my scent. I shimmied up to the front of the car, grabbed my assault rifle, and aimed. I turned on the flamethrower, and the fire burst near my face. I walked up to the first infected and pulled the trigger. The flames melted his body, as the other turned around and saw me. I pulled out my combat knife and threw it. The knife pierced his eye and the zombie fell over. Cyrus walked over to the body and searched him for supplies. She started sniffing his front jean pocket and she grabbed his wallet and keys from his pocket.

    “ We won't need these Cyrus, but good job though” I said shaking my head.

    As I was walking from the body, I took one last look at the keys. I had to think that this is survival not stealing. He didn't need this anymore, he was dead. I picked the keys up and saw that there was more keys than usual people have. I instantly thought he was a janitor and I looked one last time, he had a shirt on with his name on it. Tom Fullen... was his name, the school was on the shirt too. Tom Fullen, WoodRidge Middle School I read. I walked over to my knife and pulled it out of the zombies eye socket.

    “Thanks Tom, thanks for giving me keys to the cafeteria.”

    I have been trying to get into the school since about a month ago. I know people are holding up there, but I do not have any evidence to my case. I started walking back to my car, when all of a sudden a squirrel ran across the street and jumped on my truck's hood. Cyrus is trained enough, but I always let her chase her food if I know she can get it. I gave her the go but I did not know the squirrel would stay on the car. Cyrus jumped right on the hood before the squirrel could get away. She was about to jump back off, when the car alarm went off.

    Chapter Three

    The patter of feet masked out the sound of my trucks' alarm. From all sides I could here zombies running towards my time bomb, my truck. Cyrus jumped off and ran towards the drivers seat car door and jumped in. I, not to far, ran across the pavement while the infected were pursuing me. Pebbles kicked from my sneakers, while I ran across towards my car. Everything was okay for me, until my right foot got caught on a rock. I hit the pavement, knee first, crushing my knee in to the pavement. I looked around me to see infected around me, racing one another to get to me.

    One of them got to me first, grabbed my sneaker and pulled it right off. I pulled my pistol out of my holster and aimed it at the one the grabbed my sneaker. Gunshots fell through the air, Mine hitting the sneaker zombie, others hitting the zombies following him. They all fell at once and I had no idea how that was possible. I pulled the trigger once, but five went down in unison. I turned around to see other infected dropping to the floor, gunshots heard everywhere. I got up with my bloodied up knee and looked to see over twenty infected ,dead, bullets to the head. Cyrus laid in the seat untouched, wagging her tail, happy not afraid anymore.

    My first thought was I had a dream, that never happened, but it felt so real. My knee stung at the sight of the blood dripping from the cut, this was not a dream. I looked every where to find who helped me, no one. I walked back over to Cyrus and started petting her, like I always do. I left at eight o'clock, my watch said noon. I sat on my front seat and opened up the glove compartment. Gauze, band aids, and medicine laid all over inside the compartment. I pulled out some gauze and tape to wrap around my bleeding knee. I rubbed the medicine all over the spot and then covered the cut with gauze. It stung like hell but the pain was not as bad as the real thing. I finished wrapping the gauze up and then taped it so it would stay together.

    I sat in my seat for over 10 minutes trying to catch my breath. I still could not see the person who saved my life, I wanted to thank him in person. No matter what the situation was I had good manners, I do not know if the manners was from my parents or from where I lived. Up here in New Jersey there is not a lot of manners, but I was born in Georgia. Grew up there for three years then moved up to New Jersey where I lived to this day.

    My name is James Collinsworth and I am 22 years old, worked at the Gun store that I own for over three years. My first sighting of a walker was back a couple of months while I was at a night shift. I was assembling and disassembling my M-16 to see what was good for my taste. As I was about to leave my store, I heard the jingling of the door opening.

    “We are closed buddy!”

    Chapter Four

    “Didn't you hear me, we are close!” I screamed from behind the counter.

    I heard pattering of feet walking closer and closer to the counter. I grabbed my colt, that was hiding under my desk, and slid it to my side. No voices were heard. I slowly looked and slid my hand to the gun, and I hid it beneath the desk, while walking to the side of the counter.

    “Buddy, you got a hearing problem or something.” I looked up at the man, he had a hoodie up, and he started to walk closer and close to me. My first thought, somebody was going to try to rob me. I picked up my gun and held it up to the approaching figure. He kept on walking towards me, he put up his arms. What the hell?

    “Get on the ground bro, I will shoot.” I said to the man, as I pushed the silent alarm under my desk. He kept on walking, he was about two feet in front of me, when he raised his head to look at me. The decaying flesh and blood dripping from the man's mouth was enough for me. He was about a foot away from my counter. I shot the first shot, into his leg, left thigh. He stumbled and fell to the floor, then he got back up. He went for me from over the counter, and I shot his stomach two times. He fell backwards to the shelf, knocking over all my attachments on display and a couple ammo boxes. He manages to get back up and start walking again to the counter.

    “You fucker, what kills you?” I said, as I shot a bullet right through his eye. He fell back right to the cases, breaking the glass. The glass shards entered all over his body, bleeding oozing from the hole where his eye used to be. I kept my gun on him, walking towards the body. I looked over at his face, no sign of life. But I was not to sure, was that just a zombie? I took my combat knife from my belt, and thrusted it to his temple.

    “ Now you are dead, you shit...” I said, as I pulled my knife out of his brain. Please tell me that wasn't just a zombie, what is happening in this world. I turned to see my store in shambles, cases broken, ammo cartridges and boxes all over the floor. Display shelves were knocked over. I just leaned up against a case, and slid down to a sitting position. Why, I thought...

    That's when I heard more gunshots, I'm not the only one still alive?

    I ran to the front door and looked through the glass, the closed sign was still turned around. As I looked out there I saw four people still alive, all with guns over over their shoulders. They looked pretty equipped, but it was pretty dark out, I couldn't see the specifics. As I was peeking through the door, I saw one of them look at me, her eyes switched from mine to the top of my store. The lights glowed “Rapid Gun Store”, then she pulled on the guys shoulder that was next to her.

    "Shit" I mouthed.

    They all stopped and looked at me, then they ran at me with full force. I switched the lock on the front door and ran to the back of the store. As a leaped the counter, they were at the door with screams of “Let me in” , “All we want is supplies”, “You won't get hurt”. I grabbed all my attachments and ammo for my m16, and took all the ammo I could hold.

    As I went through the back door, to the room where all the security computers were, I threw open the back door to the alley way in the back. I took off my shoe to hold the door so it wouldn't close on me, and threw all the things in my arms into the back of my truck. I threw open the back door again and ran back into my store, I ran to the front and saw them trying to break the glass. I opened my book bag and started stuffing everything I could see into my bag. Guns, ammo, attachments, anything I could find. I picked up my flashlight and ran to the door. I knew they would hurt me, and I did not want to take any chances with staying. As I opened the door to get to my security room, I turned on the flashlight into their eyes, and held up a peace sign. As I ran through the door, gunshots blazed through the glass, and I heard foot steps running towards me.

    I grabbed my shoe and jumped into my truck. As I started my engine, They opened up the door, as soon as I pulled away. I knew the gunshots would draw infected, they were screwed. I drove as fast I can back to my house, to see my dog.

    Chapter five

    I grasped for air, as I woke up after I passed out. I looked around me trying to remember where I was. Still in my car, Cyrus is laying down in the front seat, dead walker bodies all in front of me. Pain still in my leg, did I just black out?

    It couldn't of been more than a few minutes, I recalled the first time I saw a zombie. That was one of my most frequent nightmares, every time the scene happens, I feel like I remember more and more of it. Then I always remember the people that tried to kill me, did they make it?

    As I was sitting there, the gravity of the situation started to sink it. I was not the one that shot those walkers. There might be a gun on me from afar, I quickly went down beneath the steering wheel console. As I was crunched up in the small area, I looked out the window to see more people running out of the school, towards me. Shit.

    I was not in any way ready to fight anyone. This is it, I thought. They will kill me. I accepted it, got to my chair, closed my eyes and just waited there. I heard the foot steps coming closer and closer to me. Shouts of “Secure the perimeter” and “See if they are dead”. One guy shouted, I'll get him. Here it is I thought, its over.

    The man ripped open the door, and grabbed me. Cyrus jumped up from her seat and went to attack. The guy realizing there was a dog, screamed at me “I'm on your side, what the hell”.

    “Cyrus, down girl” I said to her before she attacked him, she started to growl as I was being dragged away. She followed shortly after.

    As I was nearing the school, gun shots erupted from multiple areas, I heard the bullets hitting the ground, as well as bodies. It looked like maybe a seven man group. Walkers were closing in on them, every time they shot another bullet. The sound was attracting them, figures, Just like every fictional zombie movie. To good to be true I thought, not good at all actually.

    I was in the school hall ways, when I saw the other people of the group start to form back up to the school. It wasn't just men, I saw women and children. As the man saw I could walk, he let me get up and I followed. I was still limping from the injury that occurred, the cafeteria wasn't to far away. We made it to the cafeteria, it was bundled with canned food that could last for ever, I thought. I sat down on the bench that was connected to the table. I started to look at my knee, the blood was still seeping through the gauze, my medicine wasn't enough.

    The man had a water bottle in his hand, he threw it to me. I caught it and he looked right at my knee. He put his hand in his head and started to shake it.

    “You bit?” he said, with the tone of his voice going towards nice to angry in the matter of half seconds.

    “No, they didn't get me, when I fell, scraped it.” I replied, “It actually doesn't look to good right now.”

    “Okay, we have a couple people that know how to make it heal faster.” he said, “What's your name?”

    I thought about it for a moment, should I tell him my real name. I took a drink of water before his question was done. I was trying to stall, should I trust him. He did save my life I thought.

    “James”, I said, “Yours?”

    “Cody, Cody Shaer, seems you don't like to talk much.” He said.

    “Well if you awoke from blacking out to eight people taking you out of your car, you would be a little stirred up too.” I said.

    The other people of the group I could hear running to the cafeteria through the hallways. I saw all of their faces up close. Two women, three men, and two children around eleven years old. They stopped and looked at me, especially one of them. She stared at me and her eyes turned red with anger.

    “You, we wasted bullets on this asshole?” she said, “I should of shot you when I had the chance, at that gun store.”

    She pointed her revolver at my head.

    Chapter Six

    “Woah, calm down” I said, slowly raising my hands, “Chill out for once.”

    “I was chill, before my friends were eaten alive by those things, after you made them come” she said.

    “You guys know each other?” Cody said, joking.

    “Correction, your friends were the ones that got themselves killed by shooting the glass.” I said, “It was their stupidity that lead to their deaths.”

    “I don't think you should be saying that with a gun pointed at your head.” Cody said.

    She pulled back the revolver and walked closer to me.

    “What stops me from killing you now?” she said.

    I stumbled around in my head, thinking of responses and trying to not get myself killed. This was real, I was scared. She pointed the gun closer and put her finger over the trigger. I finally thought of something.

    “How about the keys to the rest of the school?” I said frantically, she pulled the gun farther away.

    “You have all the keys?”, she questioned, “You are talking bull shit.”

    “NO, No, I'm telling the truth...” I said quickly, “I dropped the keys when running through the horde of those zombies, Janitor keys...”

    “Shit, that's every room, if he's telling the truth,” she said to Cody, “We could possibly find more weapons, food, even more survivors. This is a pretty big school, anything could be in here.”

    She pulled the gun away from my head and turned away. She then looked at me again.

    “You are lucky punk, but if you are telling the truth, we might be golden to make this school a full blown base.” she said.

    I slowly took my hands behind my back to bring the keys to my backpack, without anybody seeing. They were all turned around, when the keys went into my back pack.

    “Alright let's move out, everybody remember your positions,” she said, “Do not stray from what we are going for, and always keep each others backs.”

    We walked closer to the front door of the school that lead out to my car and the street. I took a peak from through the window. I counted more than 100 coming at the door, it was about to break.

    “Turn around!” Cody screamed, “Run to the back door.”

    The whole group turned around to run back to the cafeteria, the door broke under the pressure. The walkers swarmed the hallways, taking two of the group members, a kid and an adult, the names I did not learn yet. I was not distraught, death happens to much in this world. I know the group will be fractured by this. I looked back, more and more walkers surrounded the two. Their guns went off to defend themselves, but it was to late. The kid's mom started to scream and ran back to the walkers. The girl that held the gun to my head, ran back and grabbed the women. The walkers started to follow as the women was being dragged from her kid. I was in front, Cody right behind me, walking backwards, firing when necessary. We made it to the cafeteria, all the weapons and food was here. The group, as well as I, knew that it had to be saved. Cody turned around and ordered the group to fire. Guns went off , shells were flying all over the place. Shouts and screams went to Cody, they wanted to fall back. Cody got in front, and started firing his weapon, trying to give his people confidence.

    I had to find a weapon to defend my self, I knew there had to be something around me. I frantically looked around to find a weapon, I couldn't see anything. I then remembered I had a pistol in my back pack still. I knew it wasn't loaded, I had to act fast. I took the pistol out and put it on the table. I then dug in my backpack to find some bullets, I took hold of a couple of bullets, and I quickly brought up my fist that was full of bullets. That's when the janitors' keys fell out of my book bag. The keys hit the floor and there was a silence of bullets. The girl looked at me, as well as Cody. I picked up the keys and ran out the back door. The bangs of the guns going off vanished. They just held off the walkers, I didn't have much time.

    Chapter Seven

    I ran towards the next best place I could find. A school bus parked towards the back of the school was the only place I could get to in time. I sprinted with all I had, that was all I could think to do, run. I made it to the front wheel of the bus and slid myself around the back of the bus. I crouched my way to the tire and went under the bus. There was a couple of boxes of expired food and milk in front of the tire, making it easy to hide. The doors slammed open, the search team was on their way. I steadied my breathing and stayed perfectly still.

    They searched all around the building and places that were not more than two feet away from the bus. I stayed in that spot for over thirty minutes, my bones started to ache. They stopped right in front of the bus, their legs could be seen from my view.

    “He's gone, let's just leave him alone” said Cody, with a persistent tone.

    “No, this is what he wanted us to feel for him, feel sorry for him, grow up Cody, we aren't living in a regular society anymore” said the girl, “I will personally find him, with or with out your help.”

    Cody tried to grab her, but she urged to the side pulling his arm away from him. He wanted to stop, he knew it wasn't worth it. He grabbed his bag and holstered his weapon, he then set to go back inside the school. They needed to clean all the walker bodies out of the cafeteria, it was not safe to live in there anymore. He started to shake his head while walking towards the school, he then looked back at the girl who was still standing in front of the bus. His eyes met mine and they slowly went to the door. He saw me.., why would he not care. He was trying to save me. He grabbed the door handle and went back inside.

    I had to move, my body could not take this uncomfortable position any longer. I shimmied my way down to the back of the bus, making sure to keep the boxes in front of my figure. I made it to the back of the bus and crawled from under it. I looked around to see if the coast was clear, and ran to the street. I took my pistol in hand and made my way to my truck, taking shadows of the trash cans and electrical boxes to hide me. The time was around seven, seeing that the night was coming. I made a last push to the bush that was in front of the school and hid behind it. I could see my truck, walkers were around the truck lurking around. There was not to many of them, I knew I could make it. I grabbed my bag onto my left shoulder and got up from the bush. I ran straight to the truck, door was still hanging open. Two walkers met my eyes, but they did not notice me yet. I was around ten feet to the truck, when I heard a voice.

    “Hands up, or I will shoot” said the voice, as I dropped my bag and put my hands up still holding the gun, “drop the gun too, you dip shit.”

    It was a man's voice, I dropped my pistol to the ground and slowly turned around. The man was part of Cody's team, but nobody was around him except me. He took a hold of the walky talky that he had, and pushed the button.

    “Amy , I found him, I wil--”, Cyrus bit his arm so much that he dropped both of his hands. The gun dropped from his hand and went off. The bullet flew past me, into my window. The window shattered with all of the glass inside it. I was happy for a brief moment that I took the car alarm out from my truck. Then I went down to get my gun and turned around. Cyrus was still knawing at the man's arm. He couldn't get her off. I took aim and shot a bullet right through the guys head, Cyrus letting go after she knew the danger was gone. That's when the walker took notice. I grabbed my bag and called for Cyrus as I ran to the door. The door was still open, but glass was shattered all along the seat. I got into the seat not even caring about the glass that was sticking into my body now. I drove away without even caring, Cyrus and I were together again.

    Chapter Eight

    My head was spinning as I drove around walkers trying to get to me in my car. I dodged them to not damage my truck, but it was hard as my head starting to hurt again. I screamed as I hit one walker as his body literally cut in half under the pressure of the car. The intestines and blood splattered across the windshield, I leaned over to the passenger seat so no guts would come through the broken window. While my head duck from the debris, I was not paying attention to the road. Two others were on the road and I swerved as I got back up. The two nearly missed my truck, the truck took one arm off as I swerved off the road.

    Pain came fast, as my truck busted through the guard rail and flipped onto its side. The flips did not stop, as I laid in shock. The truck finally flipped right into an oak tree, crushing its bark in ward. The truck settled itself out, as it landed on it's wheels. I did not think of anything until I saw my dog. Cyrus some how was unhurt from the crash, as I looked over at her. I inspected any broken bones or cuts on Cyrus before anything. She looked perfect, no gashes, cuts, or broken bones. She licked my face as I started to gain the realization. My arm was twisted outside the window and it was definitely broken. Three gashes in my right leg in different places as I grasped what happened. I looked at my arm one more time and blacked out.

    I awoke in my bed in a frantic hurry. I threw the blankets off my body revealing my leg that had not cuts at all. I realized my arm was working after there was no trouble to take off the blanket. My dog was at the bottom of the bed in a ball now completely covered in my blankets. Was that just a nightmare? Did this whole day not just happen? I got up from my bed and walked around the room, everything felt so real when I touched the dresser and turned on the light.

    The pain was so real, that was one of the worse dreams I have ever have. I walked through out my house, the sun was up. Did I really dream all of that? I walked down stairs and looked to see my bag on top of the table. Ammo, attachments, my guns scattered all across it. I guess it was a dream..., I better start my day then. I piled everything I could in the bag and made my way outside the door, calling my dog on the way out. Cyrus ran down the steps and out the door before I could even call her name again.

    I made my way across the lawn of my house, decaying leaves and grass in my yard. Papers and trash scattered across the street, because of panic through out the neighbor hood. This looked worse than my dream. I got into my truck, Cyrus in the passenger seat already. I put the key into the ignition, as a shadow dropped from the sky. The creature landed on the hood of the car and stared at me. It's tentacles flung from side to side. The creature had four eyes and mouths inside mouths. I sat there shocked, Cyrus continuing to bark at it. The door was closed on both sides, the glass in the windows were not shattered. The hood of my car was dented towards the point that it probably didn't work anymore.

    “Is that an alien?” I breathed out loud, “Walkers and Aliens... shit.”

    The Alien's tentacles flew through the passenger window, grabbing Cyrus and pulling her through the shattered glass. She made an attempt to fight back, by biting it's tentacle but to no prevail. I leaped out of the front seat and onto the ground. I loaded my m16 with cartigage, and unloaded a full magazine into it. It toppled off the car, letting go of my dog, who was badly injured. It made it's way to me, grabbed a hold of the car and leaping towards me. I shot the flamethrower at it, as it dodged right. I got sent to the ground before I could do anything else. The alien took me by it's tentacle and ripped off my arm. My arm shot up with pain, as the alien started to bite my leg with it's mouth. Then the last thing I saw was it ripping me into two. I awoke in my truck on the side of the road, the truck mangled. My arm broken and my leg with gashes. Cyrus laid next to me, keeping guard as I slept. I needed help.

    Chapter Nine

    The pain was back and it was worse than ever. As the pain hit my leg and my arm, my head was hurting more and more. I struggled to get my seat belt off because I knew I couldn't lay there forever. My seat belt unbuckled as I felt the pain hit me again. I started tearing up as I kept my screams silent. I moved over to the passenger seat and aimed my legs at the door. The door was mangled to the point where I couldn't open it. I shot out all my strength I had left and my legs hit the door. The door didn't budge. I went in for another kick and the door fell off the hinges of the car. I struggled to get out of the car as Cyrus walked right next to me. I stuck my hand into the truck and grabbed hold of my bag. The guns I used were all over the seat and floor. I started to gather all the guns I could and unloaded the weight into the bag. All the guns that were light, I put into the bag with all my ammo and food. I grabbed hold of my m16, and my arm shot up with pain again. I couldn't shoot a two handed weapon right now. I quickly dismantled the gun on top of the mangled hood of the car.

    The whole m16 was down to it's core parts and I unloaded two pistols that I could use. I put one in my gun holster and one that I was holding with my working hand. I called Cyrus and we were on our way. I made my movement up to the high way, where the guard rail was broken. I struggled to get up the hill, while holding my arm. I need medicine and something to put around my arm, like a home made cast or sling. I got to the guard rail, as I saw a bunch of cars scattered on the high way down the road. Trying to leave the city and getting hit by the infection... I felt sick. I bet the army said it was going to be okay and that outside the city would be better. I thought these things as I walked closer and closer to the car pile up. As I got closer to the cars, I saw some doors wide open, some doors that got hit off by cars. Bullet holes were scattered all along the windows, gas was spilled all across the street. I could smell gasoline before I even made it up the hill.

    I looked carefully at the first car, I needed something from these cars. I slowly went around the car and put my pistol up to the front door. My arm was swaying back and forth, I couldn't even shoot. I took aim at the human that was dead in the front seat. The car looked to be a mini van and there was a woman in the front seat. I looked into the back seat, I saw a small child and a baby. I inspected the car closer looking at the bullet holes in the wind shield. The woman had a bullet right between her eyes and bullet holes were scattered on her body. She looked like she bled and then died. I then took a hold of the car door and it took all my might to open up the sliding van door. The child had a seat belt on and the baby was in a car seat. The stench of dead bodies hit my face as I opened it. The child had bullet holes through him and the baby as well. They looked like they were struggling to get out of the car or trying to move. This was a long time ago but they did not turn.

    I took the seat belt off the child and he fell to the side. I went for my my knife in my bag and started to cut the seat belt with it. The belt soon came off and I started to make the sling out of it. I took one more look at what happened, and threw up on the street. The pain still was hitting me, but I had to think of more important things. There might be walkers any where over here, I needed to be on my guard. I looked at all the other cars from where I was, bullets through the windshield and dead bodies in the seats. I thought to my self, who would kill all these people off the bat? Raiders or hunters? No, there is still supplies in this car, even food that is rotten now. If this happened here... Wait, what the fuck?

    Chapter Ten

    My head was spinning as I grabbed a hold of the mini van's car mirror. I fell to the street and I couldn't stop worrying about everything. So much is happening, I was great before today. My head started to not spin anymore, as I lay on the mini van's tire. I looked around and took in the environment, it was worse than I expected. Every car had bullet holes in it, bullets were riddled on the street. I started to look down the road as well, where the car line stopped. There were bodies all on the streets, not piled but in a crowd almost. They all fell in their respected place after being shot. I saw some bullets not to far from me, I grabbed two and brought them closer to me.

    The bullets were from a military grade weapon, I looked around the bullet to find out which one. I knew some knowledge about guns but military weapons I couldn't really tell the difference. I saw a couple letters on it, naming the weapon. The weapon looked to be a M4A1, an assault rifle that the military commonly used. The weapon is very common and it looks like all the bullets were from those. All the bullets looked the same coming from that one weapon... or multiple of the same assault rifle. I got my self up off from the ground and started to walk towards the bodies. I was more concerned about this that I forgot about my arm, which the pain just started to hit when I remembered. I walked through the line of cars, holding onto car mirrors and door handles, so I wouldn't slip. I made it to the first cars in the line and all of the first cars had their doors wide open. I walked up closer revealing the lines of bodies in a crowd. Women, children, men, elderly people...

    Lines of people in a crowd, looking to find a way to safety, shot. All of these people came to this place for safety, and what the hell happened. It looks as if whoever did this didn't even give them a chance. They took out all of these people and then moved onto the cars that people didn't get out of. I looked at the bodies once more, and went to throw up. Nothing came out, and I felt sick. I backed away from the bodies and fell onto the hood of a car. I sat there on top of the car for five minutes, with my head pounding. The stench of rotten bodies, was to much for me. I needed to get out of here. I started to look through the cars for anything I could use, especially for my arm. Even something for my head would work, I thought to my self. I ransacked every car that didn't have dead bodies in them.

    I found medicine for my arm that would make the pain go away. I also found Advil and Tylenol in a mini van that had two car seats. That car was empty with people. What kind of sick people just kill children like that. I got what I needed and I realized I was really hungry. The pain of my arm made me forget about my hunger and thirst. I knew I had to eat something before I took the medicine anyway. I made my way back to my car and jumped in the back part. I moved the gasoline and supplies over so I could sit lying with my back on the window. I opened up some peanut butter and I got the spoon I had in my backpack. I scooped up some peanut butter from the jar and ate it. I then pulled out a water from the case of twenty four I had in the back of the truck. I was happy that most of these supplies stayed down, probably because I strapped them down with a bungee cord. I did this even before the outbreak, it was always a good idea when a lot of supplies was in the back. I drank some water, shit was literally going to hell and I never felt better in my life. I took the medicine while eating another scoop of the peanut butter. What is wrong with me I thought In my head.

    “A lot” I laughed, as I pet Cyrus on the head.

    I finished off more scoops, and I felt a little better. The night was setting and I laid down in the back. Cyrus laid guard at my feet, ready to wake me if I was in danger.

    “Looks like this is our new home” I said to Cyrus, I then fell asleep.

    Chapter Eleven

    I awoke frantically and desperately looking around, I had no idea where I was. My back was aching and I couldn’t feel my arm. My body was freezing and shivers went down my spine when I thought about it. I awoke Cyrus by moving around in the truck bed and accidently sliding her a couple inches. She looked up at me and I started to calm down. I was in my truck bed where I went to sleep and the night was still at its peak. Out on the side of the road, there was no light, all I have was the stars and the moon for light. I decided it was time to get up, I could not fall asleep. At night going out isn’t the best idea because of the chance of hordes, but I needed supplies. I never waste any time when I didn’t have to.
    The truck bed wasn’t the best idea ever, but I needed something. I struggled to get up off of it, shrugging off the pain of my arm. I was so tired and sick last night that I forgot that the sling isn’t doing anything for me. I had to reset my arm and the pain wouldn’t stop there. I still needed antibiotics for my leg and something to ease the pain of my arm. Not to mention, I couldn’t do it myself. I decided it was best to go back to the cars and investigate some more. I wondered all night why bandits would just kill innocent people and not take their supplies. That’s what gets me, why would you not take supplies…

    I made my way up to the guardrail that my truck pulverized. The metal was sharp enough to cut me, but I had plenty of room. I looked down both ways of the street to see if any hordes were coming or if I could hear any people. Nothing..., I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. I kept on and walked towards whatever car I could find. I wanted to leave and find someone that could help me with my arm. I could always come back and get supplies later if I had to. Most of the cars were on and running, so no gas. I found a Camaro and it was my favorite color. The car was not running, but there were people inside. I have to manually get them out.


    I opened up the driver door and reached in to pull out the man at the wheel. I took all my strength with the one arm that is capable and he fell to the street. The passenger was a woman, around the same age as the man. I struggled not to vomit over the smell of both of them. I opened up the passenger door and reached in to grab her. I didn’t notice until now that these people were not shot in the head. Two bullet holes in the chest, none in the head. She opened her eyes and the blue eyes were enough for me. I pulled out my pistol and didn’t hesitate. I should have thought that one through, now the interior has blood and brain matter on it. I vomited on the street and pulled the corpse out of the car. I scrambled around the back of the car to find the man, he was nowhere to be found. A slight blood trail was left and I started to follow it.

    I made my way around the front of the car, holding my pistol with one hand. I was wobbling and shaking. I looked down at the ground to see the blood trail stop and vanish. I looked around for any possible ways that he could have got away. He was definitely shot, so I think he rose and turned. I looked down the street to see the front row of cars and the mass numbers of bodies. I turned back around to get in the driver seat of the car. I opened up the door of the car and got in. I looked to the key hole, no key. “Figures as much”, I thought in my head. I went down under the wheel to start hotwiring the car. I never learned how to do it, so right now would be a good reason to learn. Right when I leaned down to start playing with the wires, something jumped on the car.


    I sprang to the seat to see the man, he had a hoodie covering his face and hair. He looked at me and made eye contact. He had green eyes, bright green eyes. He went for the windshield and started clawing at it. Eight inch long nails sprung out of his fingers and the scratches got deeper and deeper. The nails got through the windshield and he tried to reach for me. I moved my chair back so the nails weren’t long enough to get me. I looked at Cyrus and the thing could care less about her. He was only concerned about me. The claws were so deep in the windshield that if he pulled them out, the windshield would probably come with it. I had to think fast…
    I looked in the back seat while staying away from the claws. I saw a couple crates of food and a duffle bag. “Please”, I whispered to myself. I hurled the bag over the seat with all my strength, I was exhausted. The adrenaline kept me going while I quickly unzipped the bag. The bag contained a couple of guns, a machete, and a baseball bat. I wielded the machete with my one hand and looked for the best possible solution. The thing started to pull back on the windshield, practically reading my mind. I didn’t have much time. Cyrus started to bite the claws and I pushed her back. I didn’t know what infections could be on them. I got into a position where I could see just the claws. I swung the machete back and cut right through the claws. The claws landed on my pants and the thing fell back in pain. He screeched.

    Keys, keys, keys… was the only thing I could keep my mind on. I jumped out of the car, signaling Cyrus to stay in it. She stayed and watched intensely. I saw the thing lying on the ground, his face deformed such an extent that I wouldn’t categorized it as a human being. His green eyes were so bright, they started to make my vision blur when I looked at them straight. I went for his hoodie pocket, pulling out the keys to the Camaro. The thing looked me in the eyes again, like he wanted to do it. I looked at my pants and the claws burned through my pants. The claws made slight burns in my legs, and I didn’t even notice it. I got into the car as the thing started to get back up. I put it in reverse and changed it to drive. The thing sprang and missed the car from about a foot. I pressed the gas pedal and ran right over it. The satisfaction of killing it made my head swirl. I made a U-turn and started to go back to the city.

    I stopped for a second to regain my composure. So many things have happened in time span I stepped out of my house. I met a couple of marauders that saved my life, I cheated death in a car accident, and I met a new form of these things. “Did running it over even kill it?” I quickly looked in the rearview mirror to see the thing still on the pavement where the tire trail was. I felt relieved. Then I hear a horn, a truck horn. I looked to the road I was on and behind me I saw a semi barreling towards me. I saw a semi, two trash trucks, and a truck, much bigger than my old one. I stopped to think. “Is this how I die?”

    Chapter 12

    I started gasping for air and trying to think of any solutions that wouldn’t lead to my inevitable death. They all ended with me dying. I looked around the Camaro for things I could use. There was another bag the people that owned the Camaro had still in the backseat. I grabbed it as fast as I could and looked in it. The bag was filled with canned food, some not expired yet, and medicine. I looked back to the weapon duffel bag as I heard the semi blow its horn again. I pulled out my gun and I inspected the other weapons. Looked through the ammo they had and reloaded my pistol first. I grabbed the machete as I heard the screeching of the tires.
    I curled down the seat so they wouldn’t be able to see me, but my arm was killing me enough that it didn’t matter. I looked over the backseat and the door opened sending me out of the car. I grabbed the machete that was a couple inches away from my hand as the strangers foot landed on my hand slightly crushing it. I let go of the machete and rolled over to face my certain death.

    “Woah, what do you think you are doing?”, he said as he continued to crush my hand, “Did you really think we were going to kill you?”

    I was dumbfounded but I found the only words I could muster out of my mouth, “Who are you?”

    He helped me up seeing that my arm was completely messed up. He continued to look me over and started to speak.
    “Alyssa get over here!”, he screamed at the trash truck, “This guy is hurt”
    I heard footsteps running from the gigantic vehicles as I looked over the stranger. He was armed to the teeth with various melee weapons. He had his own machete through a hoop in his jeans and two katanas that were rusted beyond what I’ve ever seen before. I kept looking at his backpack that was holding the two katanas in a crisscross pattern. There had to be more melee weapons in there, probably knives.

    I thought to myself how dangerous this guy must be as the girl named Alyssa ran up to me. She was completely flawless and more beautiful than I have ever seen in a woman before. She stopped and looked at my arm, I could see that she was a doctor of some sorts. My vision blurred as I looked her in the eyes.

    “Are you stupid?”, She laughed, “Don’t you know you have to set it first before wrapping it up like that, whatever you had on it was doing nothing”

    “Yes I understand, I just couldn’t do it alone” I responded.

    “Well, here it goes”, As she pulled off my seatbelt sling, “Don’t cry”
    She put both hands on me and before I could say something, set it back. I winced in pain as it struck through my body.
    “Cole! We need something that is better than this stupid seatbelt thing over here”, She exclaimed to the trucks.
    I saw another person that must have been Cole, he had a white lab coat on and glasses. He was carrying a sling that would work. I took my hands off my arm and he applied the sling.
    “Yeah, this will probably take a couple weeks to be completely better with the right medicine,” he said as he looked at Alyssa, “Too bad we have none.”
    “I thought it would have made him better, what do you expect me to do, leave him there to die?” she angrily looked at Cole.
    “Well either way he died with the medicine in him” said Cole looking back at her, “I need to eat”
    “Alright we need to settle down, I have plenty of medicine that I have found in these cars, and you can have them” I said as I turned back to the Camaro to unload everything.
    “Well you look pretty messed up still, you want to come with us?” Alyssa said looking at the guy that hasn’t even said his name, he nodded.
    I dropped the bags in front of them and clapped for Cyrus to come out. She jumped out of the car and looked around at all of the new people. Alyssa went to pet her and Cyrus accepted her.
    “Sure, I wouldn’t mind. I am in your debt. My truck is over there if you want to help get all of my supplies out of it.”

    “By the way, my name is Bryan. We really needed somebody like you that had a lot more supplies, with what we are trying to do”, he said as we started to walk towards my car.
    We unloaded all my screwed up truck and loaded all my supplies into the semi. Alyssa motioned me to come over to her trash truck.
    “It looks like Cole is mad at me, so you want to ride with me, I’ll explain everything to you”, She said while petting Cyrus. I nodded and got in the trashtruck.
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    Re: Forunner Conflict Zombie Story : James

    well this is bad ass

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    surprisingly u posted this two months ago lol

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    hey james am I gonna come out and save u with my ray gun? its funny cuz the ray gun is an alien gun

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    or better yet, my energy sword, yeah that suits me much better

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    This story is in modern time silent, nowhere near halo

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    he could always had one that he made himself out of just looks like an energy sword.

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    or it could be made of super heated plasma

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    and i could be in this story from me going through a time machine from the future, or I could just be a random alien that accidentally landed on ur zombie infested planet

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    Sorry silent it's all modern

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    : (

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    added Chapter two
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    All thugz of tha Forerunner Conflict hood is sposed ta fuckin know n' KNOW every last muthafuckin thang contained within these Accords. Ignorizzle is never a acceptable excuse.


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    question, when do i get put in? y'know, with my SCAR-L + Masterkey, and greatsword (you can get a sharpened steel one on amazon(?) for 45$) lol JK, less you want to put me in, i don't care.
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