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    MC Server Banner

    So I need a banner for my Minecraft server but I noticed that some threads are somewhat old so I thought it would be best to post here.

    Here is the photo.

    If anyone is up to it can you remove the entire text that it has on it to replace it.

    The title of the server is Revolution Reborn or RevReborn...
    Somewhere on the photo can you add the words. Pvp, Factions, Mcmmo, Casino, Shops, Economy...
    Anything that fits is fine and it has to be 468x60 pixels.

    If anyone can help me make one I would appreciate it!
    Also people welcome to join my server! =D
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    Re: MC Server Banner

    the attachment doesn't lead to anywhere.

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    Re: MC Server Banner

    Fixed! =D

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    Re: MC Server Banner

    ill make something

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    Re: MC Server Banner

    I have to let you know that removing that text is going to be impossible, Is it ok if I find another minecraft pic that works well?

    If you're questioning of my work here is a brief portfolio.

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    Re: MC Server Banner

    Yeah that is fine. Thanks!

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    Re: MC Server Banner

    do you want it the same size as that one?

    edit: nvm i re-read your OP
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