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    Purpose & Importance Of The Lore

    The purpose of the Forerunner Conflict Lore is to address 3 primary functions...

    1. Give A Background Story To The Community
    2. Enrich The Role-play Within The Community
    3. Establish A Base For Community Members To Participate Within The Lore

    Each of these functions serves a distinctive purpose, each vital to the Community's growth and prosperity.

    Providing a solid background story to the factions and events of the community, the Lore is paramount to the War Simulation aspect of Forerunner Conflict. As a War-Sim Community, our entire existence is based upon a war and such, a detailed, rich dialogue that relates to this purpose is essential in giving our war a purpose. This is the first and most important functions of the Lore, as without it, our community would not have it's uniqueness or quality as compared to others in existence. Learn the lore, for it is the reason why you fight for you faction.

    As with the War-Sim nature of the community, our members are heavily encouraged to participate in the "Role-play" aspect of the community. Be you R.E.D.D. or B.L.U.E. or Neutral Member, everyone has a "lore" personality inside them. Be you a lowly grunt in the field, a highly trained Spartan, or a respected leader, each person has the ability to be their Forerunner Conflict counterpart here on the forums. By bringing this into the forefront, the members help enrich the lore and maintain it's importance to newer members, carrying on the tradition. Live the lore, for it is what keeps us united.

    Finally, creating a strong detailed lore sparks ideas and creativity among our members, many of whom wish to contribute to their community and the story it revolves around. Using the information contained within our lore, and adding their own personal touch, members will be able to create, edit, and live their lore experiences. Creative writing, and partaking in battles will shape the community, as the lore follows and shapes to the community events and stories. Love the lore, for it is the vehicle to your own epic.

    Learn The Lore. Live The Lore. Love The Lore.
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