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Thread: FC Update 6.5

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    FC Update 6.5

    FC Update 6.5

    Two Days...

    Website Upgrade

    So we did a lot of changes to the website recently.... You might have noticed.

    If not, and you are still viewing the forum using the skin we've had for the last year, >>CLICK HERE<< before continuing.

    Keep in mind we're still working on it. Lots of new functionality and additions will be made over the coming days/weeks. Also, for a good portion of you, the website might be loading a bit slower than usual (particularly for those with lower-end internet connections or processing capabilities). We are working on optimizing various portions of it, so over the next few days that should be alleviated a bit.

    Please keep us updated on how your website viewing is. If something isn't working right or is loading extremely slowly, let us know so we prioritize that portion more so than other parts.

    Make sure to follow our twitter account @FC_Wars, as we'll be updating that and #BlameMetkil when we make changes.


    You may have noticed via the banner at the top of the screen, but...

    After having three total polls (one in WC, two public), we have finally worked out the community name for Halo 4!

    So, with two-thirds of the votes, Reclamation will be the title our community uses!

    Courtesy Maxdoggy:
    Reclamation: Represents the "Reclaimer" Trilogy that is Halo 4, 5, and 6; Represents the Master Chief and Humanity; Represents the BLUE's reclaiming of the Outer Colonies from the Imperials and the reclaiming of lost Forerunner technology.

    Halo 4 Launch Party

    In two days, the festivities begin! You all ready?

    Well, a lot of people are obviously going to midnight releases and such. And others have work/school and will be getting the game after that, etc.

    But a number of you have already decided to do some things in groups, or may be interested in finding others for War Games or co-op campaign/Spartan Ops. We would love to see large groups forming within the first few days of launch and such.

    We've also got a variety of members preparing to do livestreaming. I know that Bazongaman, VictimsVestige, WSxPhoenix, and I will be doing it. Some others will probably do it as well, possible HarryTheChin, UNLUCKY NUM13ER, etc, but I'm not sure if they've confirmed it or not.

    Anyway, if you're going to be hosting a livestream, post details as a reply to help everyone know about it.

    Anyway, you all should have as much fun with the game as you can. Just remember that the Beta War will begin on November 18th. More details on that later.

    Forum Reorganization

    You may have noticed already, but I just shifted around a lot of the subforums around the site. (I even tweeted about it)

    Abbreviated list of changes:
    • Removed:
      • The Great Hall
      • Peacetime Halo 3 Events
      • Universal Enlistment
      • Video Department Subforums
      • GFX Battle Zone Subforums
      • E3 2012
    • Spambox moved back inside Open Convo
    • News and Announcements category renamed News and Events.
    • Events forum inside News and Events.
    • FC Comics moved back to Multimedia Discussion.
    • Console Gaming and General Gaming combined together and moved into General Discussion category.
    • Moved FC Multimedia, Slayer Gaming, and The Vestige to the Video Department.
    • Created three subforums in Video Department: Myth Plays, UNLUCKY GAMER, and WSxPhoenix.

    If anyone else plans on making videos or livestreaming and wants a subforum in the Video Department, let me know and I'll add it in.

    So hopefully you guys don't get too confused when looking around for something for the next few days. xD

    More Changes Coming Soon

    We've got a long list of things we're working on. We'll be implementing this stuff as we go along.

    One of these things is the new vCash system. We're not quite able to implement it yet, but in the mean time make sure you apply for the vCash you earned by clicking here and filling out the application!

    Those that fill out the applications correctly will get top priority when we implement the system, and if you decide not to there's no guarantee I'll even remember to give you the vCash you earned awhile back, so I highly recommend it.

    Also, on the topic of usergroup images for individual ranks: it's still sort of planned to happen. Really, there wasn't a way to do it yet due to lack of unique H4 screenshots and things. We've still got it in the works, but right now it's not top priority so be patient and enjoy Halo 4 in the mean time, okay?

    Okay, that's pretty much all for now. Not much to announce besides us using Reclamation now and the website changes, but I hope you all like the new skin!


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    Re: FC Update 6.5

    I'll add a teaser to the announcement...

    Quote Originally Posted by A Galaxy Breaking
    In an attempt to strike fear into the hearts of rebellious Outer Colonists, the Empire succeeded at showing it's true colors of cruelty and viciousness. While Outer Colonists in high profile positions quickly fell in line out of fear, many ordinary folk found themselves angered by the Empire's actions. Knowing that public outcry and protest would be met with violence and destruction, many looked to the rebels who frequented their systems. Having nothing but good business and relationships with many groups, Outer Colonists looking to defy the Imperial beast grabbed their arms and joined the rebels against the Empire. The incident at Harvest, known as the "Blood Harvest" became a lightning rod for rebel groups.
    That's it! Hope you all enjoyed the update!

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    Re: FC Update 6.5

    I will be livestreaming Heroic gameplay. Anyone who wishes to join, PM me.
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    Re: FC Update 6.5

    How did I not see this earlier? XP

    I will not be doing any livestreaming, however after I beat the campaign I may record some multiplayer games & etc... If anybody has any suggestions feel free to let me know.

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    Re: FC Update 6.5

    Oh mah goodness. Everything looks so... DIFFERENT

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    Re: FC Update 6.5

    Hey! I'm in an update!

    Also, please click here to be notified about the Forerunner Conflict's Spoiler Policy. Thanks!
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    Re: FC Update 6.5

    Hey Guys, so like Myth mentioned, I will be livestreaming some Halo 4. However im only gonna livestream the Multiplayer. I will not be livestreaming the campaign.

    Speaking of the Campaign, i will be doing that first, but on a easier difficulty... Why you ask? Because i will be posting a full Halo 4 Walkthrough on Slayer Gaming's youtube channel. Once i am done with that, i will be seting up the Halo 4 Livestream on my own personal channel, Bazongaman502. If you wish to participate in the livestream you are more then welcome to join in on the chat, or send me an XBL message, and i will invite you into the game right when i get the oppertunity to. When will i start that stream? I hope to have it started around 4am PST (7am EST) and will play the multiplayer basically all day.... as well as keep an up to date deal about the Elections... mainly about the Legalizaton of Sweet-Mary J XD.

    I have no school that day, and i do not have school the following day. So i may try to live stream for almost 48 hours... but i cant promise that because the stream may go down for me to upload the Campaign videos up on Slayer Gaming.

    If you do NOT want spoilers on the campaign, do not check out the channel until you are ready. If you do not care if you see the campaign before hand, you are more then welcome to come and watch them.

    I will do the campaign alone, and will have every cut scene. After im done recording and the videos are posted i am more then willing to do a Legendary walkthrough so we can get the usual hidden scene at the end of the game. (If there is one)

    Hope to see you guys there, i want to change my livestream around a little and get prepared for a fun few days....

    ALSO! On monday when i get home from my classes, i plan to livestream some Halo 3 all the way until i leave for the midnight release. The time for that to start will be around 5pm PST (8pm EST).

    Its almost here.....
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    Re: FC Update 6.5

    Will be livestreaming matchmaking probably around 12:30 am on Tuesday most likely at

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