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    Re: Halo 4 insults COD

    Yeah I laughed so hard when I saw this in the controller-settings

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    Re: Halo 4 insults COD

    I've never seen this. Probably because I don't spend all my time in the control settings and also I wouldn't have gotten the Fishstick thing.

    The only time I go into those settings is in the beginning to change the controls to the scheme that most resembles the last Halo game to come out.
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    Re: Halo 4 insults COD

    Lol, I never noticed that but now that I do it's brilliant.

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    Re: Halo 4 insults COD

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    Re: Halo 4 insults COD

    Its pretty funny

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    Re: Halo 4 insults COD

    MDMYAY is a faggot

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