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    Common Suggestions

    This is a list of FC's most common suggestions, and the output received.

    Suggestion: Why don't we make a Mercenaries/Freelancer/Green Army/Third Faction in FC?

    Answer: Because it simply doesn't work. A neutral army would just be a pain to handle, wouldn't actually give us anything to gain, and would be a discipline nightmare. A whole third army would simply drain resources from the other armies and have no home in our lore. In other words, K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Stupid). This idea has also been attempted before, but failed to do much of anything.

    Suggestion: Lets add tiers to all our squads to classify them based on their skill, so only those equally skilled play eachother!

    Answer: This doesn't work, sorry. We at High Command do our best to provide you all with close games while also giving you a multitude of opponents. Generally you can expect to play each opposing army's squads one time each, and then those who are equally skilled as you twice. This keeps things fair. Unfortunately it is impossible to tier squads based on skill, as many squads have their skill determined by who exactly attends that week's battles for their team. There's also the issue of individual players serving as "extras" into a different tier as their own squad skewing that team's skill. Plus, it would be very hard for your team to play more than the same 2 or even 1 squads every week.

    Hey! We should expand FC to other games! (Ex. Halo Wars, Battlefield, CoD, Older Halo Titles)

    K.I.S.S. It takes a lot of work and resources to do what we already do now. If you want to organize an event on another game, feel free! That's great! But chances are we will never have a full war on another game.

    Lets move battle nights to another day/time so that I can show up!

    6PM EST on Sundays are a reasonable time we have come up with, and has been the time we've used for battle nights for almost two years. We apologize if this is an inconvenient time for you, but it's impossible for us to make a time that everyone can make. If a large enough group of people wants a time change, it very well may happen, but making a suggestion thread on it is a waste of both your and everyone elses time.

    Suggestion: Lets change the color of our armies!

    Answer: No

    Suggestion: Lets make it so you get paid in vCash based on your rank! If you get promoted you can earn more money!

    Answer: Negative sailor. The moment this gets put into place is the moment I make everyone in my army a General making the most vcash, so that I can use it to gain advantage on the WARMAP. Yes, this could be limited, but even then we'd have to hand out vcash to 200 different people everytime "payroll" is due, and that's a lot of work.

    To improve squad equality and make things more fun, we should implement a draft where leaders pick between all the members in FC! Kind of like an NFL Fantasy Draft!

    Interesting idea, sonny, I can tell you've been thinking long and hard, and I'd be lying if I said this one never crossed my mind. However, back in the good ol' Halo: Reach days this was tried once, albeit in a much different manner and scope, but the result was a cut in our activity to near detrimental levels. People are in a squad because those are the people they like to play with, so splitting people from their friends gets sticky. Put simply, a draft wont happen, at least not in the anywhere near future. People gravitate towards those they want to play with, forcing them elsewhere isn't going to be pretty.

    This thread is subject to change. Mods and admins may feel free to add anything here they see fit.
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    Re: Common Suggestions

    Bumped to add the suggestion of a draft.

    Virtus Tentamine Gaudet
    FM For 6 wars spanning 3 generations

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