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    Machinema Aid

    Greetings FC, Project here and I'd like to give you all a hand with your machinema projects with a little glitch I found on youtube. Now most of us know that in order to lower your weapon in a multiplayer game of Halo one needs to be offline making difficult for people to make their machinema with their friends via XBL. Now at first it seemed the same for Halo 4 but thanks to some gamers with youtube profiles they shared a lovely little glitch in forge mode that allows one to lower their weapon during a Online Matchmaking game, or at least forge mode anyway! Now I'm not sure if this is anything new for you guys, Halo 4 has been out for a while now but since I saw many ideas for machinemas in the video department I thought I'd share this with you guys. Here are the link(s):
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    Re: Machinema Aid

    I love you


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    Re: Machinema Aid

    wow Brandon, thanks a lot bro!

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    Re: Machinema Aid

    Quote Originally Posted by UNLUCKY NUM13ER View Post
    wow Brandon, thanks a lot bro!

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