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    Digital Graphics Department

    Hello FC Community,

    An idea was given out by one of our members, Savagegxp. This idea was a way to help involve more members of our community in our Graphics area. I like the idea; i believe it's always nice to work in a team and learn from each other, and, in the process, better our website visually.

    So after brain-storming, I developed a system. The General Graphics section has now been replaced by the Digital Graphics Department section.

    In this Forum you will find the following

    Digital Graphics Department Gallery:
    Here you will find all of the work created by the team.

    Show Off:
    This section is open to anybody who wants to show off their work.

    Here you will find tutorials by experienced artists. You must be approved to post in this section.

    GFX Mall:
    If you have any requests feel free to pick a shop and get your work done.


    Now that I have laid down the basics, this new department will not be a walk in the park. I will admit, I am not the greatest and there is even possibly somebody better than me here. However, I will be blunt and strict. I am certified in Digital Imaging(I have the certificate). I have completed 8 courses in Graphic Design in College. I have completed 2 full Photoshop Online Courses. And I have 6 years of experience. Like I said, there's is definitely somebody better and more experienced.


    I definitely will appreciate help from anybody so feel free to apply.

    Joining the Team:

    The team will be divided into Groups: Lead Designer, Senior Designer, Designer, Trainee.

    It will not be a direct entry and you possibly will not be designing much depending on your experience.

    The Application
    Real Name:
    Designer Name/Label:
    Experience(What can you do?):

    Why do you want to join the team?:
    Opening and Maintaining a Shop:

    In order to open a shop you must fill out the application below.
    Upon opening your shop, you will be given a three-week grace period to bump activity. Depending on your activity, your shop will be put up for closure, simple as that.

    The Application:
    Shop Name:
    Any and all applications must be submitted to my inbox, DO NOT post it here, it will be deleted and you will be denied.

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    Re: Digital Graphics Department

    Hooray, graphics!

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    Re: Digital Graphics Department

    So much awesome.
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    Re: Digital Graphics Department


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    Re: Digital Graphics Department

    Oops.. PMing you now

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