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    FC Accords - Article V: Rules of Engagement

    The Accords are the core document upon which the community stands and are written for the purpose of providing protection for members of Forerunner Conflict from threats to its established ideals and to provide a process by which the community may be directed.

    The Accords contain a listing of ranks, positions, and responsibilities attainable by members. Everyone is expected to know and understand the details below. Ignorance is never a valid excuse.

    1.1 The Warmap will utilize the following structure:
    1.2 Each territory on the Warmap represents a single Halo 5 multiplayer map. Each Capital will use an 8v8 map, and other territories will use a variety of different map sizes.
    1.3 Initially, each faction will control an even split of the available territories, including a single Capital.
    1.4 All territories are considered to be exactly 1 unit of distance from any adjacent territories.
    1.5 Each territory generates a specific "card piece" for the army controlling the territory. These pieces work toward earning perks for the army which they can use at their discretion. See Section 6 for details.
    1.6 Adjacent enemy territories may be attacked by either Battlegroups or Auxiliary Forces, provided the requirements in 2.3 or 3.4 is met, respectively.
    1.7 If an assault is repelled, then the defended territory cannot be attacked again for the subsequent battle. This restricts both Battlegroups and Auxiliary Forces.
    1.8 If a territory is battled on for three consecutive weeks (Battles fought by Battlegroups and Auxiliary Forces combined), then the territory becomes “Barren” for the next week. While Barren, the territory cannot be attacked, cannot be moved through, off of, or onto, nothing may be built, placed, or targeted on it, and the territory does not generate any card pieces. Spartan Battlegroups can specially move through the territory by expending two Rapid Transport cards.
    1.9 At least one Brigade must be stationed on all territories at all times. If, following a week's events, no Auxiliary Forces remain on the map, the territory becomes "Abandoned" until forces return to the territory. While Abandoned, the territory does not generate any card pieces. If Brigades are moving over an Abandoned territory, at least one Brigade must become stationed on the map. If Auxiliary Forces launch an attack on an Abandoned territory and is not defended against, it is a guaranteed victory for the attackers.
    1.10 If a single territory is crowded with 10+ Brigades stationed there, it generates 1 fewer card piece each week.

    2.1 Battlegroups (BGs) are the primary Spartan forces for each faction. These are necessary for key invasions and the battles which involved the Battlegroups are fought on Saturdays during Battle Nights.
    2.2 At the start of the war, each faction deploys two Battlegroups to any of their controlled territories on the frontlines.
    2.3 A Battlegroup launching an invasion into an enemy territory can move up to 2 units of distance to do so. Attacks can be launched at distances beyond 2 units via the usage of Rapid Transport cards.
    2.4 When launching an invasion, the offensive Battlegroup may optionally bring along a single Brigade as escort. In the event of a successful offensive, the Brigade is immediately used to secure the captured territory. If the offensive is repelled, the Brigade retreats alongside the Battlegroup. The Brigade is still considered a separate force during this, in terms of spending any Rapid Transport cards necessary for it to arrive. In the event of an attempted retreat without any adjacent friendly territory, the Brigade cannot retreat alongside the BG and is immediately destroyed.
    2.5 As one BG acts offensively, the other should remain on standby until the enemy invasion path is known, and then immediately react to defend against this incursion. If the enemy's invasion is more then 2 units of distance away, then the Battlegroup will use Rapid Transport cards. This defense is not optional.
    2.6 Following a battle, the losing Battlegroup will retreat to an adjacent friendly territory that faction chooses. If none are adjacent due to other Battle Results, they will specially be allowed to travel through enemy territory at the cost of 2 Rapid Transport cards per enemy territory, until they find friendly territory.
    2.7 When expending Rapid Transport cards from 2.5 or 2.6 above, if insufficient Rapid Transport cards are available, the Battlegroups will utilize Emergency Resources instead. Expending emergency resources results in that faction's Capital generating fewer card pieces that week; per Rapid Transport card they are short, the Capital will generate 1 fewer card piece, determined randomly.

    3.1 Non-Spartan forces are grouped into Brigades and are more numerous than Spartan Battlegroups.
    3.2 At the start of a war, each faction will distribute one Brigade to every territory they control, as well as an additional 15 Brigades to any territories they choose.
    3.3 Unlike Battlegroups, Brigades have a normal movement limit of only 1 unit of distance during attack planning. Additional movement is possible through the use of Rapid Transport cards.
    3.4 Brigades are able to launch Auxiliary Attacks on adjacent enemy territories. Multiple attacks may be launched, and Brigades from multiple territories may converge on a single enemy territory as well. For an attack to be valid, a minimum of 3 Brigades must be involved in the assault.
    3.5 In order to capture a territory, all defending Brigades must be killed and the attackers must have at least one Brigade remaining alive. If all Brigades on both sides are destroyed, the defenders are given the victory, but the territory may become Abandoned afterward, as per 1.7.
    3.6 During an Auxiliary Battle, each Brigade is given a random roll between 1 and 100. If the roll is less than or equal to their kill rate (see 3.7), they score a kill on the opponent. All Brigades are given only a single round of combat; if the attackers are not victorious afterward, they are forced to retreat with their remaining Brigades.
    3.7 The standard offensive kill rate is 40%, while the standard defensive kill rate is 50%. These can be modified via cards; see Section 6 for details.
    3.8 Auxiliary forces cannot declare an attack on a territory which was captured by enemy Spartan forces during the preceding Battle Results.

    4.1 Aside from major Spartan Battles and Auxiliary Battles, Skirmishes are smaller scale, special-purpose engagements between the two factions.
    4.2 Skirmishes are not shown on the Warmap and do not utilize Battlegroups, Brigades, or other forces on the Warmap.
    4.3 These engagements focus on obtaining minor benefits and advantages over the course of the war, and can range from capturing Forerunner technology, raiding a Covenant base, finding a hidden weapon cache, or any of a multitude of other possibilities.
    4.4 Preceding Battle Nights on Saturdays, Skirmishes will be played out in a handful of games. The number of games played, settings used, and maps played on will vary from standard Battles and will depend on the context of the Skirmish itself.
    4.5 The army that wins the majority of the Skirmish matches will receive a reward as detailed in the corresponding Attack Plans. Generally the reward will be in the form of card pieces.

    5.1 Each faction maintains a Capital, which acts as their headquarters and base of operations for the war.
    5.2 The Capital generates a single piece toward every card type each week. In additional, 3 new Brigades are conscripted at the Capital each week. These become active each week at the posting of the Battle Results.
    5.3 If a faction is able to successfully capture the enemy's Capital, the war ends and they are declared victorious.
    5.4 In order to attack the enemy Capital, the faction must control an adjacent territory as well as a completed Capital Invasion card. For each week the faction maintains control over an adjacent territory to the enemy Capital, they earn a bonus piece toward a Capital Invasion card.
    5.5 In addition to 5.4, both Battlegroups must simultaneously assault the enemy Capital, and the defending faction uses both of their Battlegroups to mount a defense.
    5.6 A Capital Battle will be best 3 of 5 gametype sets (with each set being a best of 3 games to win a set).
    Set 1 - Conflict
    Set 2 - Liberation
    Set 3 - Conquest
    Set 4 - Asset
    Set 5 - Sabotage
    5.7 Each set of gametypes is worth a single point. Once a faction wins 2 of the 3 games within the set, they get the point for that set. Once an army claims 3 of the 5 possible points, they are declared the victors of the Capital Battle.
    5.8 If any sets have tied games, the set will go to the faction with the most wins within that set (i.e., the set was 1-0-2). If neither army has more wins than the other (i.e., 1-1-1 or 0-0-3), the set is considered a tied set, and if need be the result of the High Command Battle will determine the winner of that set.
    5.9 To commemorate the Capital Battles, it is tradition that the final game will include the full High Command of each army as well as the highest ranking officers online at the time. Usually this game does not the determine the outcome of the war, except in the event described in 5.8 above.

    6.1 During the war, each army needs to make requests to headquarters for requisitions to aid in the war effort. Through territorial control, battle victories, and their Capital's productivity, each faction earns numerous pieces toward perks which they can utilize at their discretion.
    6.2 Pieces are earned and become available during the Battle Results and are able to be used in the subsequent Attack Plans.
    6.3 Following the conclusion of each battle (both Spartan and Auxiliary Battles), the winning faction earns a single random card piece as spoils. Skirmishes will reward the winning faction as detailed in their corresponding Attack Plans.
    6.4 Once a faction owns enough pieces of a specific card type, they may use that card to get a requisition, as detailed below. The number of pieces required to use the requisition are also stated below.
    6.5 Card pieces do not expire until the end of the war. The factions have full discretion on whether to use the requisitions immediately or save them for future use.
    6.6 The list of all available requisition cards are as follows:
    Brigade (Brig): 1 Pieces - Deploy a Brigade to reinforce one of your controlled territories. The deployed brigade is immediately able to move or launch an attack into enemy territory. Cannot be deployed onto Abandoned or Barren territories. In a single week, only a single Brigade may be deployed to each individual territory, except the Capital.
    Rapid Transport (RT): 1 Piece - Any single Brigade or Battlegroup of your choice is able to move 1 unit of distance further during attack planning. Can be used multiple times for the same Brigade/BG or several individual ones.
    Minefield (MF): 2 Pieces - Lay a trap for an incoming Auxiliary Attack, raising your defensive kill rate by 30%. Cannot stack on a territory, but is not consumed until used in a battle or if the territory is lost.
    Orbital Bombardment (OB): 3 Pieces - A coordinated strike from orbit to assist in ground assaults. Raise your offensive kill rate by 20% for an Auxiliary Battle. Cannot be used multiple times for a single battle.
    Economic Surge (ES): 4 Pieces - Invest in infrastructure on a friendly territory; it is able to produce 2 extra card pieces for that week. If used on the Capital, it produces 2 random pieces. Cannot be used on Abandoned/Barren maps.
    Entrenchment (ET): 4 Pieces - The forces on a territory construct fortifications to prepare for the next battle. The first 2 casualties for the defenders are absorbed by the Entrenchment instead of a Brigade being lost. May not stack on a territory, but is not consumed until used in a battle or if the territory is lost.
    Sabotage (Sab): 5 Pieces - Send a small task force to infiltrate an adjacent enemy territory, destroying 3 card pieces of the type that territory produces. Cannot be used on the enemy Capital or Abandoned/Barren maps.
    Tactical Assault (TA): 5 Pieces - Advanced scouting allows for a Spartan invasion to counteract more of the enemy's defenses. Increases your offensive kill rate by 30% for an Auxiliary battle. Cannot be used multiple times for a single battle.
    Propaganda Campaign (PC): 7 Pieces - Choose up to three contiguous friendly territories. Each of these territories experiences high morale and are able to produce 2 extra card pieces for that week, as well as generating a Brigade stationed there. Cannot be used on the Capital, any Abandoned/Barren maps, or any territory which produces Propaganda Campaign pieces.
    Ambush (Amb): 10 Pieces - Turn the tables on the defending forces through advanced maneuvering and tactics. Can only be used during a Spartan invasion. Allows the attacking faction to have gametype selection instead of the defenders.
    Capital Invasion (CI): 15 Pieces - This card allows for the enemy Capital to be attacked. If used, subsequent Capital Invasion cards require only 5 pieces.

    7.1 Matchups for battles will be listed in the corresponding Statbook section for that Battle Night. The leader of the defending team for that map should setup the lobby, map, and gametype and invite the opposing team's leader.
    7.2 When invited to a battle night lobby, the invitee is expected to promptly accept the invite and join the game and then immediately begin inviting the rest of their squad.
    7.3 Once all participants are in the lobby, the gametype and map being used have been selected, and both sides are ready to begin, the game is expected to be started promptly. The "Battlenight Co-op" Discord channel should have all army Officers and High Command added to it and can be used to coordinate and make sure everything is done properly.
    7.4 If members are unable to connect to the lobby after multiple attempts, inform the opposing team of the issue and contact your High Command members to help obtain a replacement.
    7.5 Ensure your team is fully present and ready to begin the game. Any concerns or questions should immediately be raised to the highest ranking member or leader organizing the battle. If any issues arise, immediately inform a High Command member of War Director of the situation.

    8.1 Only official FC:Res2 gametypes and maps are allowed. The only exception is for Skirmishes, which must use the corresponding settings detailed in the Attack Plans. If the game has been set up incorrectly, end the game and restart it with the correst settings, or immediately contact your Field Marshal or a War Director for assistance.
    8.2 If there is an issue during a game, the highest-ranking member of either participating team is allowed to end the game if it is within the first 3:00 minutes of the game. This can include, but is not limited to: lag, away or disconnected player, suspected tampering, etc. If it is obvious that the premature ending was only to prevent one team from gaining an initial lead, then the match is to be considered a forfeit by the infringing unit. Each team is permitted to end the game a single time (if the other team has lobby leader, have someone contact them, either through XBL message, Discord chat, Skype, or otherwise, to inform them that the game should be ended). If a problem persists, deal with it or contact your Field Marshal or a War Director.
    8.3 If necessary, after the game was ended due to 8.2 above, the participants are allowed to contact their Field Marshal to resolve an issue. Otherwise, the game is expected to be restarted promptly. No player switches or substitutions will be allowed without consent from both Field Marshals. If this is done anyway, then the game is to be considered a forfeit by the infringing team.
    8.4 If during a game a player leaves or disconnects and it was not within the first 3:00 minutes of the game, the game will not be stopped or paused during this period, and the participants are expected to continue playing. The disconnected player or a replacement may rejoin mid-game if able.

    9.1 If a match is delayed during setup by one team for over 15 minutes without extenuating circumstances, that team will be forced to forfeit that match and the Battle Night will move on.
    9.2 At the 15 minute point, they may decide to start the game with fewer players instead of forfeiting. Having a replacement join mid-game in such a scenario is allowed.
    9.3 If anyone attempts to abuse these rules or utilize some loophole to gain an unfair advantage during a Battle Night, the matches which that individual participated in will be counted as forfeits.
    9.4 If one participating unit entirely quits an in-progress game without extraneous circumstances, then it is to be considered a forfeit by the infringing unit.
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    Re: FC Accords - Article V: Rules of Engagement

    Decided to keep a record of rulings and clarifications here, both to help the army planners keep track of them and also so I don't accidentally go back on one of them later in the war.


    1) At the beginning of the war, neither army begins with any cards or card pieces.

    2) A map captured in a Spartan Battle is considered Abandoned until a Brigade arrives at the territory. You earn the card piece from Spoils, but the map does not have any production that week. Brigades are required if the map is not going to be Abandoned. 2.4 allows for an escorting Brigade which bypasses this issue.

    3) Brigades stationed on a territory which is under a Spartan Invasion do not suffer any damage or have any impact on the battle being fought. They freely retreat if the map is captured, or just chill if the map is defended.

    4) Any retreating forces can split up to multiple friendly adjacent territories in any configuration desired.

    5) Retreating forces cannot use Rapid Transport to retreat further. Battlegroups have a special case explained in 2.6.

    6) While making movements, cannot "shuffle" Brigades. Since all movements are considered to happen simultaneously, the map would be temporarily Abandoned until they all arrive, and this is not allowed as per 1.9. The Warmap illustrates this by having 1 Brigade be a square, showing that it cannot move off the map. (NOTE: It can still retreat if the map is captured)

    7) Auxiliary Battles are resolved with a single set of rolls. Each Brigade rolls once and only once.

    8) Brigades spawned from Propaganda Campaign cards are not able to move immediately or participate in attacks. They can only be used defensively. (See Order of Events below for more clarification)

    9) Card pieces that would be earned from Economic Surge or Propaganda Campaign are NOT earned if the map is captured.

    10) It's not recommended to Sabotage a map you're attacking simultaneously. If you capture the map, the Sabotage is nullified. Additionally, if you make the map Abandoned/Barren, it is also nullified.

    11) Sabotage acts after cards are earned from the Capital, Territories, Economic Surge, Propaganda Campaign, Spoils, and Skirmish rewards. This means that the full effect of the Sabotage card will almost always work out, so long as the previous paragraph doesn't happen. In the event that the targeted card type does not have 3 pieces that can be destroyed, the faction being targeted suffers the appropriate number of Emergency Resources instead.

    12) Isolated territory (i.e., controlling a territory which is completely surrounded by enemy territories) has no special rules. Closest thing to a special rule would be that if the map is lost, the Brigades have nowhere to retreat to and would be instantly destroyed. (if an adjacent territory is simultaneously captured by friendly forces, though, it can be used as a retreat path)

    13) 8.1 and 8.2: Games ended due to incorrect map/gametype DO NOT count as a situation under 8.2. 8.1 has no limitations like "only once per army," but if it seems that you are maliciously delaying the match then 9.1 can be employed. Additionally, if the gametype/map were actually correct and you try to claim it was ended via 8.1 falsely, it can be considered as warranting a forfeit as detailed in 9.3.

    14) 8.3's Illegal Player Substitutions: If you feel the opposing team is maliciously substituting a player in order to gain an unfair advantage, contact a War Director or your Field Marshal BEFORE the game is started again. If the game starts and you only complain about it afterward, whether it is strictly enforced as a forfeit is undetermined. It's best to report it BEFORE the game restarts.

    15) 5.4's Bonus Capital Invasion piece: For this to take effect, map cannot be Abandoned or Barren, and the 'maintain control' statement means that initially taking the map (such as via Aux to keep it from being Abandoned) doesn't count, as the bonus card is only earned each week thereafter if the map remains controlled and not Abandoned/Barren. Would also stack if multiple adjacent territories are controlled.

    16) Order of Events: Each action, during both Attack Plans and Battle Results, has a distinct location in the ordering of events. All events of a specific type are considered to be happening simultaneously. Below is the full ordering of events:

    1. Brigades via Brigade cards are spawned.
    2. Minefield, Entrenchment, and Economic Surge cards are spawned onto the maps.
    3. Rapid Transport movements occur.
    4. Normal movements occur.
    5. Emergency Resources are expended if necessary.
    6. Capital Invasion card takes effect.
    7. Spartan Invasions are launched.
    8. Auxiliary Attacks are launched.
    9. Brigades via Propaganda Campaign cards are spawned.
    10. Orbital Bombardment, Sabotage, Tactical Assault, and Ambush cards are spawned onto the maps.
    11. All Brigades and Battlegroups are considered to have arrived at their destinations, and the battles are ready to begin.

    1. Effects of Minefield, Orbital Bombardment, and Entrenchment cards become active.
    2. Auxiliary Battles are fought.
    3. Effects of Tactical Assault and Ambush cards become active.
    4. Spartan Battles are fought.
    5. Any changes of map control are determined.
    6. Losing troops retreat.
    7. Maps are designated as Abandoned or Barren if applicable.
    8. MF, OB, ET, TA, and Amb cards are considered expended and removed from maps fought over.
    9. If Sabotage, Economic Surge, or Propaganda Campaign cards were active on a map which changed control or became Abandoned/Barren, they are removed from those maps.
    10. Capital produces card pieces.
    11. Emergency Resources take effect.
    12. All territories neither Abandoned nor Barren produce card pieces.
    13. Economic Surge and Propaganda Campaign produce their bonus card pieces.
    14. Spoils of War from battles and Skirmish rewards are earned.
    15. Sabotage takes effect.
    16. If Capital Invasion card was active and the Capital was captured, war ends.
    17. Capitals spawn free Brigade.

    17) 2.4: For Brigade Escorts, the Brigade does not need to come from the same territory as the invading Battlegroup, nor even make the attack from the same direction. So long as it can reach the targeted territory, it can come form anywhere.

    18) Propaganda Campaign cards are not allowed to target the territory which produces PC pieces. This is because it artificially raises the effectiveness of the card up to 110% of it's normal quality. Essentially, doing so would allow you to get 78% of the effect for only 71% of the cost, thereby providing a profit beyond what the card was intended for. This is why the possibility for doing so has been disallowed. Now you can only get 100% of the effect for 100% of the cost.

    More rulings and clarifications will be added as the war continues.
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