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    Halo 5 (Live Action?) Leaked Screenshot

    Here is the main image:

    Now I already started trying to figure out where they are. On Earth? Another Planet? Forerunner World?


    The black outlined lettering I am 100% positive those are the letters on the stone. The red outlined lettering I am only guessing/50% positive.

    In the blue circle on the left hand side, it appears to be a tower of some sort. Possibly a snipers nest or something along those lines.

    In the green circle on the far right hand side appears to be a guy in civilian clothes. Could prove this picture is on Earth... but the guy is holding something. Something that can appear as a camera. Maybe it was just a piss poor shot in which a Camera guy got caught in? Who knows?

    Look at the statue. Does it not kinda look like what the Halo 3 memorial looked like? Only big difference is the Halo 3 Memorial was part of the ship... this is stone. Did they in the future change it to stone?

    Also if you look at the hills in the distance, I see dirt and green trees. Another hint towards Earth? But then again, the forerunner planet looked very green as well.

    What you guys think it's taking place?

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    Re: Halo 5 (Live Action?) Leaked Screenshot

    You're lettering looks correct. I can see it pretty clearly on my screen.

    I figure it's either on Earth or Reach. And I think that civilian is definitely just part of the camera crew, because he's just too out of place.

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    Re: Halo 5 (Live Action?) Leaked Screenshot

    Well they're definitely on earth xD or at least where this is being shot. Most likely this is a photo of a filming of a live-action video/show/film, and that random guy in the back is a camera man that got caught in the shot.

    My guess on the letters is as good as yours.

    Doesn't seem to be much we can get from this, but I doubt they would go back to reach again, besides the chief was being escorted off the planet during the heavy battle. Could be another planet, possibly the one we were teased with last time. That is definitely another spartan from what i have played of the MCC I understand there was a another Spartan hunting him down?

    From the rubble in the back nothing really stands out or draws a lead to anything at least to me, maybe just the random ring in the back.

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    Re: Halo 5 (Live Action?) Leaked Screenshot

    Yeah, Mede, the other Spartan is the former ONI member Agent Locke. He's now a Spartan and is tasked with finding the Master Chief.

    I'm excited for whatever this is. The Live-action ads and shorts for Halo have always been spectacular (unlike Nightfall).
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