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    Not a resignation, merely a vacation.

    Hi everyone. Some people may be unfamiliar with my name, but some or most of you may know me, or at least seen my name around. I joined FC towards the end of last summer, and was pleased to find such an active and positive community at the time. Everyone was really cool, both to me being a new guy and also being kinda bad at halo, but also everyone seemed really cool with each other. It was nice to see so many people getting along and organizing these weekends and having such a good time together, and I had loads of fun participating in all FC events during the MCC era. Those were my happy days. Then H5 came out. Now, at that time I didn't have enough money to get H5 on release, so I found other ways to stay active. I remained active in squad chats, and when I was added to the FC Destiny Chat (now currently named the Chat of Many Names) I continued my activity by taking part in activities based in that chat. My activity within the community eventually lead to me becoming Solus' (Ghost leader) second in command. So needless to say, when I returned to the FC scene, I was pretty hype to be back.

    But something along the way had changed.

    When I came back, slowly, over time, enthusiasm within my squad and the Redd army declined. Even when new members came into the squad I was so happy to be a part of, their enthusiasm diminished as they spent more time playing in the community. There's little to no happiness left in most people in this community, and it actually hurts me internally that now so many people who were friendly with each other before are now so tired of all the shit that's happened they're actually bitching each other out. Like, it actually makes me severely sad to hear all of this happen. It's actually bad enough to the point that it's affecting my mood, and considering the emotional mess I am as a person ( I won't draw this out, not the time or the place) I've been hella fucking sad. Not just the FC drama itself, I've been considering actually leaving because of how bad it is. The thing is, I hold a special place in my heart for this community and the people who are a part of it. So leaving would be the harder decision to make, and I'm not quite ready to leave yet. So until either I can be more emotionally stable, or this whole fiasco with the higher ups can be sorted out and this community can go back to being a bit more relaxed and happy go lucky again, I'll be taking a step back. Practices, battle nights, skirmishes, whatever. I'm basically taking a few weeks off and just trying to take a break so I don't stress about this more than I need to. I'll remain active in the chats, albeit less than I am currently. At the least 2 weeks, at the most maybe a month before I'm back to continuing full activity within FC.

    TL: DR
    I'm taking a break. This is no fault of anyone here, and i'm not leaving. I just need some personal time, as I'm an extremely emotional person at heart, and with personal issues piling on top of all of this happening currently, I need to take some time to get myself in line. I'll lend a hand here and there if I'm really truly needed, but other than that, I'd like to just have my time for a bit.

    Sincerest apologies,

    Bryce Wdowiak
    Ghost Squad

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    Re: Not a resignation, merely a vacation.

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    Re: Not a resignation, merely a vacation.

    If I'm going to be honest, I've felt the exact same way for some time now...I just wasn't sure how to express it. Your words seem to sum it up pretty I know exactly what you mean. And if you ever need to talk or anything man, I got you. I'm sure quite a few others would be willing to listen as well.

    On that note, I wish you luck. I hope you feel better soon. I look forward to seeing you around when I see you.
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    Re: Not a resignation, merely a vacation.


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    Re: Not a resignation, merely a vacation.

    Sucks to see stuff like this Wdowiak - but if you do come back, bear in mind that higher ups are there primarily for the functionality and happiness of the army. So if you have problems, bring them up to HC and they can help you out.

    See ya around.
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